san isidros

With great faith and devotion, I want to thank Saint Isidor the Laborer with this retablo for he saved all my flowers during that strong hailstorm that fell on my fields. I was afraid I lost all the flowers but thanks to his divine intervention they all were saved. Now I can take them to the market and sell.

Guadalupe Barrales
State of Mexico


IMG_6905 Long-tailed Sylph by Sue Bishop
Via Flickr:
San Isidro Lodge,Napo Province,Ecuador


IMG_3412 Green Jay ( Used to be called Inca Jay ) by Ahmad Shah
Via Flickr:
San Isidro Lodge, Ecuador.

We just concluded the Eastern Andes Ecuador tour with Andean Condors at close range, stellar views of a Black-and-Chestnut Eagle and two Spectacled Bears, just to mention a few of the highlights!

This is the San Isidro “Mystery” Owl that we photographed during the tour. It is a spectacular large owl of the genus Ciccaba and possibly involves a new species to science. It is very closely related to Black-banded Owl found in the Amazonian lowlands. Interestingly, this mystery owl is a resident in the subtropical cloud-forest of the eastern Andes at 2100m elevation, which is higher than the normal distribution of Black-banded Owl. It seems that the mystery owls at Cabañas San Isidro also slightly differ in their plumage from the typical Black-banded. A “quick-and-dirty” DNA analysis from a few years back revealed some genetic differences between the mystery owl and Black-banded Owl, but further research has been stopped. Therefore, the true identity of this intriguing owl remains a mystery until someone picks up this “cold case” in Ecuadorian ornithology.