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I wanted to see how many different Sanses I could draw. Here we go (oh boy).

Going in rows, left to right.

(They’re transparent c:)

Birthday Fic Gift

This is for @levonolev. Requesting a ClassicBerry ship. 

I’ve never done Blue before, and I like to see him as a mature person despite being known as the energetic cheerful one.
It was an interesting experience, but I don’t think I did a good enough classicberry. Sorry hun! I tried! ^^”) I still hope that this was a satisfactory read regardless. Wwwww

Pairing: ClassicBerry (Us!Sans x Ut!Sans)

Words: 1, 741

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the skeletons react to a surprise kiss by their s/o

“gee kid, trying to give me a heart-attack?” Sans hates surprises, and although he appreciates the sentiment he would love some warning, every time you kiss him out of no where he gets super tense for the duration.

“DATEMATE THIS IS NOT THE TIME OR PLACE!” No matter what your doing at the time or when it is Papyrus is always super embarrassed by surprise kisses and usually finds and excuse to leave to room to go blush and squeal into his hands

“aw come on kid, is that all i get?” He might jump a bit at the sudden contact but will easily melt to the kiss returning it

“MAIDEN!” like Papyrus he will be blushing but Blue takes a leaf out of his brothers book and returns the kiss. 

“…..” Red literally stop functioning. He doesn’t understand why you want to kiss him normally let alone giving him surprises ones. He’s face will glow red and he flips his hood up to hide this, however you do hear the high pitch scream that gets muffled by the jacket. 

“IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO? LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT A REAL KISS IS” And true to his word prepare to be smooched by a skeleton. Until he thinks you’ve learned your lesson on how to kiss. 

“YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME PRINCESS?!” Berry will practically jump on you kissing all over your face in return in light fairy kisses. he refuses to let you have the last kiss ever.

“now look what you’ve done” You literally get pulled down into his lap or into his arms and now you are making out. good job. 

Sans Relationship Headcanons:

- Golly gee, is he lazy. You wanna go on a date with your skele-bf? You’re either gonna have to convince him to glitch you two there, or the date’s gonna have to stay real local. Like, five feet away tops.

- Cuddling & couple nap-times are extremely frequent between you both, whether you’re really tired or not. Because he’s always tired & you just happen to be the most comfortable surface to sleep on/around.

- He doesn’t really care about PDA, & by that, I mean he doesn’t care who sees it. Except any sort of kids, & probably also Papyrus. Other than that he’s almost always got a hand on you somehow, whether it’s an arm around your waist or hand-holding.

- Kissing him is really hard because he likes to pretend that his mouth isn’t susceptible to movement. But you see him drinking stuff with straws all the time, goshdangit Sans stop being difficult

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Headcanons huh? Well for starters Evergreen insists on taking Wendy shopping for new dresses ALL the time

OH GOSH I DIDN’T SEE THIS SOONER SORRY. But yes, big big YES to this headcanon!

Here’s mine adding for the rest of the Raijinshuu (+bonus dragon slayer fam):

  • Bixlow once caught Wendy in the library struggling to reach a book from one of the higher shelves and he just… picked her up… so she can get the book.
  • But Wendy felt awkward just being held up like that, so Bixlow put her down but told one of his “babies” to help her out. For a while Wendy just stood there telling the doll which book she wanted to get.
  • Freed was watching all of this unfold like ‘Couldn’t YOU just get it for her Bix i mean you could??? right??? seriously???’
  • Dragon Slayer meeting. With Laxus, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue.
  • Someone - probably Gajeel, curses. Like, drops an F-bomb in reaction to something someone said.
  • Then Laxus snaps and says, “Language! Wendy’s here.“
  • He swears he just picked it up from Freed, ok.
  • But the rest pick up on it like:
  • Natsu: “Yeah, gosh darn Redfox, where are you manners?”
  • Sting: “Golly gee Gajeel-san, you kiss Levy-san with that mouth?”
  • Rogue: “Wendy-chan, that was a bad word. Forget you heard it.”
  • Wendy: “O-Okay… You can all stop bullying Gajeel-san now?”
gruvia drabble

prompt:“i could have sworn you were my friend at the mall cuz you’re exactly the same height, but it turns out your not so i’m really sorry for smacking your butt”

pairing: gruvia/gray x juvia, mention of gajevy/gajeel x levy

type: one-shot, au

rating: k+

author’s note: hey everyone! this is my first attempt of a drabble on tumblr & i flippin love this au idea so i thought “why not”. also after writing this i realized that its hella long but i have a really bad habit of writing things that are kinda annoyingly long but oh well. hope you enjoy!(:


Juvia stayed close to her friend Gajeel’s side as they roamed the mall together. The spunky bluenette had the usual smile on her lips while her brooding friend was the complete opposite.

She gazed up at him and saw that he had the same expression he had when she picked him up and drove them to the mall ten minutes ago: scary.

Juvia, of course, wasn’t scared of him by any means. The two had known each other ever since they were little, and she grew very fond of him and vice versa (though, he would never admit it). But to any random person who passed him, he looked like an ex-convict. He had a black sweatshirt on with the hood up and a pair of grey sweatpants to go with it. On his feet he wore Adidas slides. He was clearly dressed to impress.

The pair searched side to side looking for the type of thing thing that stood out to them for their friend Levy. To be specific, this “Levy” was Gajeel’s girlfriend of a year and he completely forgot about their one-year anniversary the day prior. Naturally, Levy was not pleased. She and Gajeel got in a big fight that ended with Gajeel being more gloomy than usual. Juvia hated to see her friend like that, so she decided to drag him out of his apartment and take him to the mall to search for a “I’m sorry I forgot about our anniversary/Please don’t be mad at me” gift.

“What kind of jewelry does Levy-san like?” Juvia asked.

The man answered with 0 eye contact and a shrug.

“Okay.” Juvia sighed, but was determined to stay optimistic. “All girls love perfume. Do you know what kind of perfume Levy-san uses?”


“Gee, don’t be so enthusiastic, Lover-Boy.” Juvia pouted.

Gajeel sighed. “I don’t see why I have to get her a gift. That shrimp made a big deal outta’ nothing.”

“One year together is a very big deal!” She scolded.

“I don’t think perfume or a necklace is gonna’ fix things. Besides, I’m pretty bad at getting gifts.” Juvia saw a slight blush taint his cheeks.

“I’m sure Levy-san will love whatever you get her.” She gave a warm smile.

Gajeel glanced down at Juvia and thought for a moment. “How about I take her out to dinner or something?”

“There you go! Now you’re gettin’ it.” Juvia playfully slapped him. “And do you know what would go great with a romantic, candlelight dinner?”

Gajeel raised his eyebrow. “Some diamond earings.” Juvia finished when Gajeel gave no reply. “Now, you go to Macy’s and get on that.” She spun Gajeel toward the general direction. “And Juvia will go look in Victoria’s Secret.”

“They sell earings in Victoria’s Secret?”

“No, but they do happen to sell some panties which Juvia happens to have some coupons for.” She gave him a smirk and turned to walk to the store.

“I thought this was about getting a present for Levy!” Gajeel gave an irritated shout as she hurried away.

“For Gajeel-kun. Juvia has some things she has to take care of as well!”

“Agh!” He groaned. “Meet me in front of Macy’s!”

“Juvia is going to take longer than you think. You meet me in front of Victoria’s Secret!” And with that, she was off.

The store was rather crowded. It seemed there were quite a few girls who had coupons, because the underwear drawers were jam packed with girls rummaging through the panties as if they were completely free. It even got to the point where some girls were fighting over the thin pieces of thread. Luckily, Juvia made it out with 10 pairs of underwear and her head still resting on her shoulders.

With her bag in her hand, she stepped outside of the store. It only took her a moment to find Gajeel. He was leaning forward on the railing of the platform, with his back facing Juvia. Juvia rolled her eyes when she saw he still had that damn hood up. He looked as if he had his head buried in the nook of his crossed arms as well. His elbows were leaning on the railing so that his arms were supported. His left foot crossed behind his right and he had his back hunched over since the rail was too short for him to stand up straight.

The next thing her eyes went to were his butt which so happened to be sticking out.

“Was his butt always so cute and firm?” She thought to herself, but shook the thought out of her mind as a new one popped him.

A sly smirk spread across her face. She quietly hurried over to where Gajeel stood. Before he could notice she was there, she swiftly pulled her hand back and gave a forceful, but playful, smack to his behind.

“How’d the earing shopping go, tiger?” Juvia was still smiling from her tease.

The smile turned to a look of shock and horror when the man’s face turned over to look at her.

The guy wasn’t Gajeel.

Juvia was so mortified she dropped her bag, and the contents of the bag spilled out as the bag tipped over. Somehow, that little bag had a huge amount of momentum when it fell, and all of her underwear was practically spread out on display. And of course, the guy she just assaulted was one of the most attractive things she’d seen in a long time. She saw he had shaggy hair that was the same shade and texture as Gajeel, but was much shorter and had a shine to it. His hair swooped just above his cool eyes which happened to be piercing her with judgement. She finally spoke once she felt all the blood in her body rush to her cheeks.

“Oh my god. Juvia is so sorry! Sh-she thought you were her friend! I-I mean, you two are basically the same height and, well, your, and you’re both wearing black hoodies, a-and you both have pretty much the same build, well, your butt is a lot cuter than Gajeel-kun’s, but u-uh, Juvia should go–!” She ran away before things got worse, even though that was pretty much impossible at this point.

By the time she was in front of Macy’s she was completely out of breath. Thankfully Gajeel was walking out just as she arrived. Juvia took note of the little bag in his hand. She assumed the earings were in there.

“Why are you so outta’ breath?” He raised his brow.

“Juv-” She took a deep breath. “Juvia ran here.” She breathed out, placing her hands on her knees as her head hung low.

“Eh? Why did you do that?”

“It’s, uh-” She sighed. “It’s a long story.”

“Whatever.” He muttered. “Where are your- uh- ‘undergarments’?”

Juvia looked in her hands and noticed her bag was nowhere to be found. She suddenly remembered she left the bag in front of the store when she dropped it.

“Dammit!” She spat before running her fingers through her hair in distress. “Juvia must’ve left her bag in front of the store.” She groaned.

“Was it a little pink bag?” Gajeel asked.

“Eh?” Juvia looked to Gajeel’s level. “Yeah…” She suspiciously said.

Gajeel didn’t say anything else. Instead, he pointed to something behind Juvia. She spun around, still suspicious, and saw him.


Her heart jumped into her throat all over again. This time she saw him, his hood wasn’t up anymore. She could see the layers of his shiny, black hair. Plus, she got a better view of his killer jawline.

“I think you dropped this.” His low, scratchy voice went perfectly with the rest of his appearance. Juvia felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up straight.

“Ah, r-right.” Her voice was just as shaky as her legs were.

Gray’s eyes went to Gajeel who was standing a few feet behind Juvia. “So this must be your friend with the sub-par butt.”

“Eh?!” Gajeel’s eyes nearly fell out of his head.

“Uh, yes.” Her cheeks reddened. “This is Gajeel-kun. Gajeel-kun, this is-”

“Gray.” He finished.

“Gray.” Juvia nodded.

“Ya’ know, at first, I thought you smacking my ass was some dumb way of trying to hit on me.” Gray’s voice remained deep, but with a playful undertone. “But when I saw how embarrassed you were right after, I had a feeling you actually mistook me for someone else.”

“Yeah, well, it happens.” Juvia nervously tried to laugh it off.

“Not really.” Gray met her chuckle with a smirk.

“Right.” She slouched a bit in embarrassment. “Well, thank you for returning Juvia’s bag, and sorry again for-well- you know.” Her voice shrank.

“No problem. See ya’ around. I hope you don’t get too wild.” Gray gave her something that could actually be classified as a smile before giving her a wave and walking off.

“Get too wild?” She thought aloud.

She then remembered that her underwear fell out of the bag when she dropped it.

That meant that Gray had to actually pick up her underwear and put it back in the bag.

And she just happened to purchase a pair of boy-shorts that read “GET WILD” on the back.

Could today be any worse?

Juvia watched helplessly as cute-butt-guy walked away, and she would probably never see him again.

“I don’t even wanna’ know what that was about.” Gajeel finally said.

“Good, cause’ Juvia would rather not talk about it.” She mumbled.

As Juvia and Gajeel began to exit the mall, she quickly looked through her bag just to make sure everything was in place when she saw a white piece of paper that was folded up.

A bit confused, she pulled out the piece of paper and unfolded it.

The paper read:

“call me sometime”

Under that was his phone number. Juvia almost peed her pants she was in so much shock. She thought she was rubbing him as a complete weirdo who sexually harasses strangers. Thankfully, she seemed to not leave that impression. A bright, goofy, smile formed on her face.

Maybe she would get to see cute-butt-guy again, after all.