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Where the signs should visit at least once in their lifetime...

Aquarius: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Gemini: Oahu, Hawaii

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Scorpio: New York, New York

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Cancer: Sydney, Australia

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Capricorn: Cancun, Mexico

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Virgo: Havasu Falls, Arizona

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Libra: Los Angeles, California

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Pisces: Ramona Falls, Oregon

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Leo: San Fransisco, California

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Sagittarius: Northern Lights in Alaska

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Taurus: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Aries: Dubai

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Simlish ‘Retro’ Destination Posters for Sims 3

I know that others have done travel/ destination pictures before and I am in no way trying to copy them- this is just part of my experimentation in creating Simlish posters and also: Hey, did you know that I love retro?!?!

The mesh is EA base game, vastly improved by the gorgeous @baufive 💜

There are 20 of them in total. Feel free to take into TSR workshop to delete the ones you don’t want from the collection (because they aren’t perfect, I know- sorry!)

This is a zipped folder with both package and Sim3pack. I hope you like them. Please let me know if you have any problems.

TOU: Please don’t re-upload or claim as your own, thank you!💜

20 Retro Destination Posters (SFS) DOWNLOAD HERE

Boys (M)

→ immortal!reader x exo; aeon’s lovers

prologue - chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3

warnings: smut: threesome.

Detective Do stayed silent, in respect to your words and experience - finally. And with a small, silent sigh, you continued spilling the stories of your life, the stories of the lovers and all their doings that molded you into who you were today.

“I fled China that day in 1947. Jumped aboard a ship that took me to San Fransisco, sunny California, USA. There, I lived my first few years on the streets, molding my English into perfection and surviving on the sheer generosity of others. Until the day I finally scored work at a restaurant as a waitress, and my boss was nice enough to let me live in his basement until I had earned enough to get my own place. And just like that, I built my way up in life.

It was a warm spring day in 1956 when I stumbled upon amateur director Byun Baekhyun. His eyes widened when he spotted me and he was far from shy in that exact moment as he asked for my participation in his newest film where I was to co-star with an actor named Park Chanyeol. As I accepted this eager man’s proposal, I had no idea that during the process of making this film, I would become the center of a lethal, jealousy-driven love triangle.”

San Fransisco, California, USA, 1956


Baekhyun’s low, deeper than usual, voice drew the word out. You stared into Chanyeol’s dark, warm eyes with curiosity, your breath colliding with his as the both of you paused only millimeters apart, his heavy body lying over yours. It was odd to end a kiss scene right before the actual kiss, right?

“cut!” The former man finally announced after what seemed like hours. Without the usual smile or grin, Baekhyun shuffled out of his chair, eyes hard when he shot you and Chanyeol a quick glance before walking out of the studio, into the hall of wardrobes, taking a quick turn into what you knew was his own office. You parted from Chanyeol, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion before you sat up on the bed, reaching your hand out to your assistant; a silent plea for your white robe. The other remaining members of the film crew seemed just as puzzled as yourself and your co-star.

Without trying to explain his old friend’s behavior, Chanyeol jumped to his feet, taking the robe offered to him with a quick smile to the crew member. “Thank you, Robert.”

He then offered you his hand and helped you to your own feet. Once on your feet, you cocked any eyebrow in the direction Baekhyun had stormed off into, throwing silent questions at your co-star who had known the slightly reserved director longer than you had. Chanyeol kept silent, instead grinning down at you the way only he could. 

“Are you still up for tonight? I reserved a table at your favorite place.”

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ID #99963

Name: Gavrielle

Age: 19

Country: United States

Hi, I go by Gavi. I currently live in Northern California, USA. San Francisco to be specific.
IN LOVE WITH: kendrick’s new album, homeshake, SANGO, and La Femmes; the sun, flowers, and all things mother earth, the female body, everything art, dressing up, live music, quotes, fave book is the alchemist by paulo coelho, learning how to surf
LOOKING FOR: Exchange letters, but also postcards. Someone who is PATIENT and understanding. I put a lot of effort in what I send, please don’t rush me (also life happens..), exchange of doodles, photos, plants, tea, random stuff, developing a friendship, someone who likes to travel(maybe in the future we will cross paths?!),openminded and supportive. I’m currently going through the process of healing and lifestyle changes, working on bettering myself spiritually and mentally.

Preferences:  Ages 18-24