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Where the signs should visit at least once in their lifetime...

Aquarius: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Gemini: Oahu, Hawaii

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Scorpio: New York, New York

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Cancer: Sydney, Australia

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Capricorn: Cancun, Mexico

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Virgo: Havasu Falls, Arizona

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Libra: Los Angeles, California

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Pisces: Ramona Falls, Oregon

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Leo: San Fransisco, California

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Sagittarius: Northern Lights in Alaska

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Taurus: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Aries: Dubai

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Fights P.2 | G-eazy

Its been a year sense you and Gerald broke up. You missed him but you knew that he didn’t want you. After the brake up you moved to San Fransisco California. The life there was much different but you loved it.

You were in your apartment making dinner for yourself when you heard a knock on your door. You quickly put everything down and went to the door and looked threw the hole and what you saw was the most shocking thing ever.

You quickly opened the door and you met Gerald’s eyes.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You almost screamed.

“Looked I fucked up really bad, I realized after you that I really did love you and you were the most important thing in my life. Im not here for you to take me back even tho that would be great but i just want you to forgive me.” Gerald said while scratching his neck.

You knew he wasn’t lying because when he was taking responsibility and was telling the truth he would scratch his neck.

“I forgive you but you said to my face that you didn’t love me and that you never wanted me around.” You said.

“I know I said those things but I was very drunk and so many thing were going on in my life with the fans and all the shows and tour.” He said looking you in the eye.

“You could’ve just talked to me.” You stated.

“Its not that simple, and I’m sorry for hurting you.” He said

You were silent and didn’t know what to say.

“Can you forgive me?” Gerald desperately asked.

“Yes I can but that doesn’t mean we are getting back together.” You said

“Okay.” Gerald sighed.

The Gentrification of San Francisco | Brandi Lawson

I used to love San Francisco. As a teenager, and a ward of the state, I got free BART passes every month, and I used to jump on a train from across the Bay whenever I could. I’d hop off at the Powell station and take the escalator up. Whenever I hit street level and felt that cold air on my face, I’d get butterflies every single time. I’m getting them a little bit now, even thinking about it; that’s how strong the feeling was.

And it was usually the same plan: wander around the stores at Powell, maybe shoplift something small from the giant Forever 21 on the corner. Walk up to Blondie’s pizza and eat a veg slice, then back down to Market Street to look at some of the weird street vendor art and crafts.

When I was finished there, I’d pay 85 cents to take the 7 bus up to Haight. They had a weird t-shirt shop there that sold vintage pins with punk bands or weird phrases or Michael Jackson’s face on them. I really loved it there. Amoeba music was at the top of a hill and I could spend hours in there, I don’t even remember what I would do the whole time. Sometimes I would go into tattoo shops and look at the samples on the wall. I wasted so many days up there, just looking at things and watching people and wishing I had money.

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