san fransisco 49ers


s is for the san fransisco 49ers

a northern california native, jeremy renner is a life long, die hard ‘niners fan. and the team themselves list jeremy and his production company the combine as #9 of their list of ‘49ers faithful’ after they worked together on the celebration videos for the new levi’s stadium in 2014.

jeremy has confessed to getting star struck meeting joe montana at the nfl awards in 2013, to having friends facetime their tvs to him when he’s working abroad and even to watching the last 5 minutes of a game on his ipad on the red carpet for american hustle.  

but be warned, he’s not a beer and pretzels ‘watch with the guys’ kind of fan - it’s all pain and pacing and focus and swearing.  

all we can say is good luck for next season jeremy!


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