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Yelp employee fired after calling out the company for paying low wages

In a post Friday on Medium titled “An Open Letter to My CEO,” Talia Jane, an employee of Yelp and subsidiary Eat24’s customer service department, wrote that her $8.15 after-tax hourly pay rate was so low for the expensive Bay Area that 80% of her income went toward her $1,245 rent. She said spending 80% of her income on rent left little to none for necessities like food, leaving her in constant hunger.

Hours later, Jane updated her post to announce she was fired, sparking a minor firestorm about Yelp’s employment practices. Now, Yelp’s response to the ensuing criticism is making the controversy worse.

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McDonald’s is Suing Seattle Over the Minimum Wage. Here’s Why it Matters

Last year, the city passed an ordinance that will gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour within the next few years, putting it on par with San Francisco in having the highest minimum wage in the United States when both are fully implemented. One of the main targets of minimum wage ordinances is the fast food industry – activists and labor organizations have been making a push to get fast food giants to pay a living wage, and these municipal minimum wage ordinances have been one of the tools in their arsenal.

But the fast food industry is fighting back: McDonald’s is suing Seattle, claiming the minimum wage ordinance is unconstitutional because it unfairly discriminates against franchisees.