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SO for my final for sound design 1 we had to recreate the sounds and voices for a movie scene of our choosing. Me and my group did Big Hero 6! We worked hella hard on this and had fun while doing so. Enjoy!

Melba Pattillo Beals (b. 1941) is one of the Little Rock Nine, the group of African-American students who were the first to integrate in Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas. While she initially studied at an all-black college, she quickly realized that she was not getting the same high-quality education of her white peers, and decided to transfer to Central High, risking her welfare and even life to start a crucial shift in racial attitudes in the USA.

Her experiences dealing with the mockery and disdain of her white classmates were documented in the book Warriors Don’t Cry. One of these students went as far as throwing acid into her eyes, trying to blind her. She later attended San Francisco State University and Columbia University, obtaining a master’s degree in journalism.

College AU - Teen wolf

A/N: Here is the first part of a series I’ve started to write. I’m really excited for this so I hope you want to read it. I’m sorry this isn’t christmas themed but kinda summerish. I was just feeling a summer vibe. 

Plot - The reader is in her first year of college at Stanford. She soon finds out she’s not the only one attending Stanford. 

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You gathered your stuff from the desk and headed out. It was the last class of the day so you started walking towards your dorm. It was a sunny day outside and it was early summer. The school year had just begun and it was your first year in college. After high school you moved from Beacon Hills to Palo Alto to attend Stanford university. It was going great to say the least. Though you missed your friends from back home, especially Scott, Stiles and Lydia were hard to not be in touch with. You missed Allison too.

The sun blinded you momentarily as you turned the corner. A body collided with you and you dropped your book. “Y/N?” The boy wondered out loud. You knew that voice, and you would recognize it anywhere. “Stiles?” You looked up. There he was. Stiles Stilinski. “No way. Stiles what the hell are you doing here?” You slapped his arm before hugging him tightly. As you pulled back he started rambling and you couldn’t quite keep up. “Stiles shut up. Get to the point.” He paused and chuckled. “Just like I remember. Anyway I’m here because Scott just started here.” The sky covering the sun drifted away, and Stiles cringed as it shined right in his face. “Wait Scott is here? I thought he was going to UCLA?” You moved the two of you to into the shadows. “Well it didn’t work out there I guess. I haven’t really gotten the story myself yet. But actually I’m looking for his dorm. Can you tell me where Wilbur Hall is?” He looked around him with a very confused face. “Yeah that’s where my dorm is. God this is so crazy… And great!” You added after Stiles gave you a weird face. “Did he say which house he’s in?” You started walking, assuming Stiles would follow. “Yeah Arroyo I think…” He came running behind you. “My house is Cedro. It’s really close to Arroyo. This is insane. Stanford’s campus is big and that Scott living in the house closest to mine? Crazy.” Stiles stopped you by holding his hand out. “I’ve got Roscoe over here. Can we drive?” He didn’t wait for your answer but of course you could drive there.

“Aw I missed Roscoe!” You exclaimed as the blue jeep appeared. “Well she missed you too. She wasn’t the only one though.” He stopped to look at you before he jumped inside. You smiled at the compliment. “You know Roscoe wasn’t the only one I’ve missed right?” He started the engine. “No no I know. How could you not miss the amazing, incredible and fabulous Stiles Stilinski?” He gave you an award winning smile. “Oh you thought I was talking about you? Actually I meant Scott.” You shrugged as he struck you a hurt look in your direction. “Turn left” You directed Roscoe in the direction of Wilbur Hall.

You told Stiles to park Roscoe at the parking place closest to Arroyo and Cedro. You made your way to arroyo. “Stiles which room does Scott have?” You looked back as you walked down one of the halls. “Y/N?” A voice yelled. You turned around and there was Scott McCall. “What the hell are you doing here?” He grinned as he hugged you. “Hello to you too Scott. Thank you for driving all the way to Stanford to say hello to me. God you’re such a good friend Stiles. You are my hero. I love you. So much.” Stiles kept on. “God Stiles shut up.” Scott and Stiles hugged. “So? The original three huh.” You said and looked at the two boys. “Yeah. I’ve missed this. All of us together.” Scott said and pulled in for a group hug. “Wait how could we not have known about you going here?” Stiles pointed out. “Well the plan was Berkeley. That’s what I told you, but then I got accepted to Stanford and I couldn’t say no. It was early in the school year so I could transfer.” Stiles huffed. “Wanna help me unpack?” Scott asked. The three of you walked into Scott’s room and started to unpack his boxes. The three of you had no idea what this year would bring. But it sure as hell wasn’t going to be boring.

Astronomer searches for signs of life on Wolf 1061 exoplanet

Is there anybody out there? The question of whether Earthlings are alone in the universe has puzzled everyone from biologists and physicists to philosophers and filmmakers. It’s also the driving force behind San Francisco State University astronomer Stephen Kane’s research into exoplanets – planets that exist outside Earth’s solar system.

As one of the world’s leading “planet hunters,” Kane focuses on finding “habitable zones,” areas where water could exist in a liquid state on a planet’s surface if there’s sufficient atmospheric pressure. Kane and his team, including former undergraduate student Miranda Waters, examined the habitable zone on a planetary system 14 light years away. Their findings will appear in the next issue of Astrophysical Journal in a paper titled “Characterization of the Wolf 1061 Planetary System.”

“The Wolf 1061 system is important because it is so close and that gives other opportunities to do follow-up studies to see if it does indeed have life,” Kane said.

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One of my favorite places to catch a couple of hours of work: Workshop Cafe in the financial district of San Francisco. Designed for people who prefer working from a coffee shop, this location provides the perfect environment for productivity.