san francisco trolley
Sesame Street - Pinball Number Count
Version #12

Pinball Number Count (or Pinball Countdown) is a collective title referring to 12 one-minute animated segments on the popular PBS children’s series Sesame Street that teach children to count to 12 by following the journey of a pinball through a rather fanciful pinball machine. These segments are notable for the colorful, imaginative animation as well as the funky “one, two, three, four, five….” soundtrack provided by The Pointer Sisters.

Pinball Number Count was originally produced in 1976 by Imagination, Inc. in San Francisco, California for the Children’s Television Workshop. It made its debut on Sesame Street in 1977.

Version #12: Sightseeing, USA (American landmarks) The ball goes sightseeing through replicas of American landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument , Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, Red Wood Tree, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a San Francisco Trolley which drops it into the hole. (Wikipedia)