san francisco tattoos


Ben Volt is based out of San Francisco, at Scholar Tattoo. He does blackwork in a way that has been described as modern and unique. Despite the heavy lines and strict geometry of his work, it is dynamic, the contrast between the precision of his work and the curves of the human body leaving a surreal impression on the viewer, as though the ink is hovering over the body. 

Some of Ben Volt’s work reminds one of Art Deco, and some of it reminds the nineties children among us of Samurai Jack and its distinctive animation style. Whatever the association, the work is compelling. Its hard to look away.


MOODBOARD - I was tagged by my dear @reivenesque whose moodboard I love (i’ll take a wild guess and say your favorite color is purple? mine isn’t pink but while doing this moodboard I realized pink tends to sneak its way into my life whether I want it or not)

BONUS: 5 of these pictures are mine, good luck guessing which ones. :3 (But if you wanna have a guess please be my guest!) (obviously I didn’t take the P-Chris one *deep sigh*)

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