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On This Day: May 7
  • 351: The Jewish revolt against “Caesar of the East” Gallus breaks out. After his arrival at Antioch, the rebellion began in Palestine.
  • 1763: Pontiac’s Rebellion begins with an attack on British forces. Various tribes unite to drive settlers out of Great Lakes region.
  • 1891: Birth of “No Mean Fighter” Harry McShane in Scotland. He was an engineer, Red Clydesider and revolutionary Socialist.
  • 1907: San Francisco’s Bloody Tuesday: strike breakers tried to run the streetcars; gunfire exchanged between streetcar men & scabs.
  • 1926: British General Strike: Government requisitioned paper supplies, TUC’s newspaper harder to produce. Halves size to four pages.
  • 1937: Stalinist squad assassinates 500 anarchists in Barcelona, Spain.
  • 1940: George Lansbury dies in North London. He was a pacifist, socialist and one of “Poplar Rate Rebels”.
  • 1955: NAACP and Regional Council of Negro Leadership activist Reverend George W. Lee is killed in Belzoni, Mississippi.
  • 1969: Students at Howard University occupy eight buildings. They are cleared by US Marshals May 9.
  • 1981: Over 100,000 mourners join the funeral of Bobby Sands in Belfast, Ireland.
  • 1996: Albert Meltzer dies in Weston-super-Mare, England.
  • 1996: 15,000 people protest against import of French nuclear waste to Gorleben, Germany.

San Francisco rapper Equipto is going on a hunger strike to protest police killings

To protest recent police shootings, local rapper Equipto and a handful of supporters including his mother have set up camp outside the San Francisco Police Department’s Mission Station, located in the city’s historically Latino district. Starting Friday, Equipto said that the group will abstain from eating solid foods until at least one of two demands are met.

Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere set new mark

San Francisco Chronicle: There’s striking new evidence that Earth’s atmosphere is increasingly saturated with carbon dioxide, the major gas from fossil fuel emissions that trigger climate change.

Measurements of the climate-changing gas by instruments high on a mountain in Hawaii and around the world show that global emissions from burning fossil fuels rose last month to levels higher than at any time in human history - and higher than it has been in hundreds of thousands of years.

The instruments that have been measuring carbon dioxide for more than 50 years showed that for the entire month of April, levels of the gas exceeded 400 parts per million for the first time, said Pieter Tans, a climate scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency who monitors the instrument record.

Kurt Hendricks, the Swedish-Russian villain in the fourth Mission: Impossible installment, is a bad guy straight out of the 1980s: He’s rich, ominously foreign, and wants to start a nuclear war between the United States and Russia.

To do this, he acquires a nuclear launch control device, which we’ll assume is code named “Joshua” and can be deactivated by forcing it to play a game of tic-tac-toe. During the climax, Hendricks uses the device to fire a Russian nuclear missile at San Francisco before tucking the device inside his briefcase. Ethan Hunt chases Hendricks to the upper level of a parking garage, where, with only minutes left until the missile strikes, Hunt barks out, “I’M TAKING THAT BRIEFCASE.” Hendricks responds in the only way he logically can: by leaping several stories to his death, taking the briefcase with him.

Couldn’t he have just, you know, tossed the briefcase down there? There was no reason to toss himself along with it, unless his feelings were just really, really hurt by Hunt’s rude outburst.

Hendricks’ strategy is to keep Hunt away from the device long enough for the missile to strike San Francisco. He’s willing to sacrifice his own life for this plan, which is commendable, but also entirely pointless. Hunt doesn’t care about catching Hendricks at this point, he just cares about the device – Hendricks could have simply thrown the briefcase down there and tucked away a few levels of Candy Crush while Hunt sprinted off to try to catch the thing in time.

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