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The Dead Authors Podcast, Addendum vi: Beatrix Potter

Recorded LIVE at San Francisco SketchFest, February 2015

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This week on Ear Biscuits is… Watsky!!

Award winning slam-poet turned rapper, George Watsky, sits down with Rhett & Link this week to talk about what was behind his controversial 35 ft. stage dive in late 2013, his recent struggle with epilepsy, how he maintains authenticity in his lyrics and online persona, and why he’s making waves in the hip hop industry with the release of his new album “All You Can Do.”

*NOTE: This conversation contains adult themes and language.

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There’s no shortage of tech startups in Silicon Valley, and since these companies are founded by people who can identify every Star Wars character at the drop of a hat, their names tend to sound pretty weird. Is Zurg a new app that analyzes your dreams, Doctor Who’s nemesis, or a 12th-century warlord? For our show at San Francisco Sketchfest, we make contestants earn their nerd cred by telling us — is it a historical figure, a sci-fi villain or a tech company?

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Ask Me Another: Historical Figure, Sci-Fi Villain Or Tech Startup?

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I can’t emphasize how beneficial this church’s teaching has been over the last two months. If you’re looking for podcasts to listen to, I highly recommend this church. You can download them for free on iTunes or onto your phone. I can’t feed myself enough of these sermons. It’s actually hilarious…I’ve been listening when I drive, wash the dishes, take a bath, walk my dog…seriously.They are pulling me out of confusion and complacency that I didn’t even know I was stuck in and I’m so thankful for how God is leading them and using them to be a voice of truth and a conduit of freedom in my life.

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"It’s All Fucked": An Interview with Alexandra Naughton | Trevor L. Sensor

Alexandra Naughton was one of the first writers I met within the indie lit scene. I’d first heard of her through some interview she did for Cutty Spot a while back. Though that was only a few months ago, it feels like some distant memory now that I can’t fully grasp or remember, as so much has happened and miraculously changed. Author of the astounding poetry collection, I Will Always Be Your Whore, Naughton is a unique voice within my generation of writers and artists. I recognized this immediately after reading her work and talking to her personally about her viewpoints on the world and literature. I believed for a long time that she was different from all the other “alt lit” writers I was reading and hearing about (I still say I don’t even consider her work “alt lit,” it’s just too original to be put under such a generic label).

On top of working on her writing and recent activist efforts, Naughton also runs her own press and zine, Be About It, which publishes fabulous work by unknown writers of all kinds. She also hosts a number of readings in San Francisco, a podcast, and dabbles with hip-hop music. I decided to interview Naughton about a number of things to pick her brain and see what her plans are for the future. If you haven’t read I Will Always Be Your Whore yet, which you must be living under some bolder in the desert if you haven’t at least heard of it, I suggest you get your hands on a copy so you don’t miss out on some of the most original, new poetry that’s been published this year. Or don’t—maybe that bolder out in the desert is a much better place than out here on the Internet with all us suffering, digital people.

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