san francisco is my home


I was tagged by the lovely @jazztastic-panda to create a mood board from my photos but lol if I know what that is.

I tried my best though! But my mood honestly is protests and water. Also fun fact that is me standing at the precipice of death and the wind nearly blew me off the edge but what’s death to a good photo


Returned To My Wife

I freakin’ finally made it home!

What’s up San Francisco?

I have arrived at my second home: Hotel Diva.

Lots of work to finish today in preparation for a couple huge meetings this week, and I managed to casually slip in a black tie event with Valentino and the SF Symphony while I’m
here. 😂

When my flight landed, I was all business. All I wanted to do was get to work. I actually got anxious and frustrated waiting for my baggage because it took too long. There is so much riding on these next few months, and every single little tiny microscopic move that I make, creates a HUGE impact on the future of both myself, Crush brands, my family, friends, employees, and my marketing company: RedCap.

This insane pursuit to greatness is my passion, and it’s taken me places I used to literally lose sleep dreaming about. We went for broke. Again and again and again.

Yes, as you can obviously see, wearecrush did well. However, we didn’t accept ‘success’ or anything like it. We had a dinner. A cheap one at that. We didn’t throw in the towel, sit back, count dollars, and accept any kind of mediocrity. We made a decision to hunt something greater: To be more.

We pumped every penny back into this brand. We set out to make it better, bigger, healthier, more universal, more beginner friendly, and effectively safer. We’re putting out a line of supplements that are effective, that are safe, and that you can trust. We started a freaking gym franchise, and through my pre-existing company: RedCap, we now run marketing campaigns in retail and commercial real estate, provide corporate rebranding and brand engineering solutions, consult retail product development, and even manage retail product distribution.


We never will be. I love what I do because It has no limit. When somebody asks me what I do, I never tell them. My business card only has my name and an email on it for a reason. I first ask them what they do, and immediately tell them how I can help.

Work in the right direction. Work with purpose, passion, and know exactly how to define your pursuit. Be a good person. Be a good person again. Live your life in a way that always puts you in a situation to help others.

Excited for this week, and what’s to come. ☺️