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San Francisco, CA | Golden Gate Park | Hippie Hill 

4/20 In The Park 🍁📍🚬

Of course I couldn’t just hit up Cali for Coachella. I had to slide thru my city for Hippie Hill, eat street tacos, watch crazy folks get high, & smoke sum Girl Scout Cookies with my old homies before heading back to NY. Let’s just say it was very cloudy haha. Tonight gonna go see Berner, YG & others spit some fire it’s finna be dope! Enjoy ya Thursday!


Espresso Macchiato, Sight Glass Coffee, San Francisco

I was so fascinated by the window and lovely light through it and all the shadows, unfortunately, couldn’t think and measure much of the speed of shutter in my camera. There they are, all grainy results of over 4000 speed. But, I can’t ditch these pictures, they’re still lovely.

P.S. Tartine bakery’s fresh strawberry tart was to die for, so amazing with a decent cup of macchiato. Big love.


I really cannot wait to get myself into this place. Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery has teamed up with Smokestack BBQ (chosen as a Grateful Dead tribute to the song ‘Smokestack Lightning’) to open a dream come true in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. A refurbished factory full of delights. A rustic haven.