san francisco designer


The first and only PlayStation Store in the Sony Metreon, an $85 million ‘Urban Entertainment Complex’ opened in San Francisco on June 16, 1999. Though it did well initially (with plans to open eight more in various US cities), a decline in traffic over the years led to a major overhaul in 2012. This renovation removed most of the arcades and Sony stores, and converted the structure into a more generic mall/Target. (PS Store - 1999-2009)

From 1999: “The “PlayStation game bar,” where visitors can sample video games, is, predictably, a hit. Gamers can plop down at the bar, ask for any title from one of the preternaturally cheerful ‘Gametenders’ and play at the bar’s free monitors to their hearts’ content. So is the mini movie theater now displaying the awesomely detailed images to be featured on the Playstation II, Sony’s next game machine.”


San Francisco Treehouse. A treehouse build 7.6 meters up in an 125-year-old coast live oak. Recycled, reclaimed and vintage materials have been used in the making. The whole construction has been put up in the tree without using any bolts or nails; therefore, not damaging the tree. The treehouse is truly magical because of its rustic interior and small details reminding of childhood. Located in Burlingame, San Francisco Bay, CA.