san francisco bay

Happy 80th birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge. On this day in 1937, this iconic bridge first opened. With towers extending 700 feet into the sky and over 100 feet beneath the San Francisco Bay, the bridge is an engineering marvel. In addition to driving, you can walk or bike the entire length of its 1.2-mile expanse, bounded on either side by spectacular scenery. Photo from Golden Gate National Recreation Area courtesy of Bruce Getty.


Sky seems to explode at sunrise over San Francisco


SERC technician Ruth DiMaria just finished a round of zooplankton sampling here on California’s coast. She spent last week leading SERC’s annual zooplankton survey in San Francisco Bay, and then early this week spent a couple days collecting these teeny marine critters in Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay. Monitoring like this helps SERC scientists keep an eye on the spread of invasive species in our coastal waters! 


Long term residents by TJ Gehling
Via Flickr:
Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito (but probably actually in Kensington for the most part).