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Historical Map: 1967 San Francisco Muni Rapid Transit Plan

I’m ever so slightly in love with this simple little map showing proposed rapid transit lines in San Francisco. There’s some lovely texture for the parkland, a nice vignetted effect for the coastline, and some great mid-century typography as well – all rather delightful! 

There’s a great information hierarchy as well, with buses being thin light blue lines, then trolley buses slightly thicker brown lines. Cable cars are shown by thin black lines that still appear visually stronger than trolley buses, and the proposed lines are unmissable thick black lines with stations clearly shown. 

There’s even a lovely little compass rose – it’s just a shame that this fold-out map wasn’t opened fully before being scanned, as a large section is hidden from view in the centre of the map.

Our rating: A great example of a map doing sterling work with a judicious use of just a few colours, combined with a good information hierarchy. Four stars!

Source: Eric Fischer/Twitter


Education From Commuting


Knowledge is curiosity. When you stay curious, you make your mind vulnerable to different perspectives, people, and ideas. You entertain insanity, generate innovation, and dance with tradition. 

How long do people spend in cars, buses, trains, and planes?

The average person commutes anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes per day. The rest of the day is spent at work, with family and friends, in bed, in the bathroom, whatever, you get the idea.

Everyone needs their “me time”. For some people that can be watching TV, sleeping, running, etc. 

But what a lot of people forget is to factor in time to be creative, and to learn new things.

My theory is that your daily commute can be the most invigorating portion of your day.

Don’t fall off your chair from my cutting-edge idea. 

During the first two years of my college, I was one of those people who said “I just don’t have time to read.”

What I really meant was that “I don’t want to make time to read.”

And that was true. Between half-paying attention in class, recovering from hangovers, volunteering, waitressing, studying, and substituting whole avocados with some sriracha on top for actual meals, who had the time to sit down and read?

I hated myself for wasting my free time by napping and binge watching Netflix.

Whenever I had bursts of motivation, I would make lists of books I wanted to read, films I wanted to watch, albums I wanted to listen to, and comedy and stories I wanted to write. And then as soon as I sat down to do so, every tiny dreg of inspiration fled from my mind. It was frustrating.

When I was commuting into central San Francisco last summer, I finally listened to Vampire Weekend’s then 2-year old album “Contra”.

A lot of people had recommended the band to me and I had been making excuses for 2 years. Can you believe that? How can someone be busy for 2 years to listen to an album that would take less than an hour?

Truth is, I wasn’t busy. Most people aren’t. We just waste our time doing other things and getting distracted.

And in one commute, I had listened to the entire album and fallen in love with them.

I have always wanted to be one of those people up-to-date with the latest news. So I downloaded and subscribed to The Economist and The New York Times

I found that in the morning I had trouble paying attention, so I read it home from work instead. Then what would I do in the morning? I would read good literature.

I could get through a book in a week, depending on how difficult and big it was, of course. But most books took a week. Books that I had been dragging out throughout the semester were the very same ones I was gulping down like ice cream in the bitter heat.

When I studied abroad in the fall, I was back on a campus, which meant I no longer had commute time. New people and ideas from all around the world bombarded me. So naturally this would be a fantastic excuse to “not have time to read”. 

Good news: I was also traveling around almost every weekend, which meant bus and train  rides. I did do some coursework but I also hungrily went through all the seasons of Arrested Development, and Community, watched five classic films, and read Around the world in 80 days, and three history & culture books about Europe.

BAM. Knowledge. 

Winter break in London meant I wrote and re-wrote screenplays and edited lots of cover letters for summer internships. Things I wanted to do but was too lazy to plan into my day. 

In the spring, I had to get up super early to commute into Washington, DC. The only thing that kept me going was the “free time” I gained. I was keeping up with Politico and reading research from Think Tanks around Washington.

I read Bossypants, All the Devils are Here, and Poems by Frost and Plath. I read in the horrible cold that spring had manifested into and at bus stops and on the metro. I spent my car time catching up on music I had missed out on. It didn’t matter how much work I had or how busy I got. I always had to commute so I always had time to expand my horizons.

On the New York Subway this summer, I’ve already finished an Advertising book by Ogilvy, Mindy Kailing’s biography, and have now begun 4-Hour Work Week, and Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up.

I subscribed to Adweek , Ad Age, and Design Taxi to immerse myself into the advertising world. And when I’m too tired to read, I started watching TED Talks about society and culture.

TED Talks. That is a great investment of everyone’s time. 

The thing about commuting is to stop viewing it as a time in between living your life.

You are living your life. It’s happening. 

I’m already there, trapped sure, but still on my way to where I need to go.

Since most commutes don’t have wifi, it’s a harsh cut off from distractions your phone and internet provides you. You don’t have to respond to e-mails, or texts. I mean, you can’t even surf Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram. All you’ve got is the stuff you already downloaded onto your smart phone and of course your books.

Isn’t there a sweet promise in that? In this day and age, we can safely shield ourselves from deadlines and responsibility for that tiny window of time.

We can learn like we used to when we were children. We can learn for the sake of curiosity. Not for anyone but yourself.

So I go into this weird Zen-like zone where I just read for those twenty to thirty something minutes I get. And before I know it, those minutes turn into five hours a week.

It’s essential, however, to use this time not to just enjoy what you already do.

It’s important to expand your boundaries academically. It’s the time to do the stuff you keep putting off because you keep getting distracted. For me that is now watching Seinfeld. If I want to go into comedy writing, it seems idiotic not to study this classic.

If you watch Seinfeld while eating cheesy curls for hours upon hours anyway then maybe read that book on leadership that you “never have the time for” instead. 

To grow, we have to entertain the opposite perspectives and understand where they are coming from. You have to keep up with the news in your industry. 

I am always inspired by conversations and the idiosyncrasies of people. These observations lend themselves into situational comedies or analyses of humanity. My writing has gotten richer and better because of all the practice I’ve had.

So make your own lists of books, films, tv shows, topics of research, etc. Stay attuned to the smaller and larger world around you. Pop culture, politics, or international affairs.

Feed yourself all of it. You’ll truly be wealthy.

Don’t ever go onto public transportation without something to take notes with. It can be your phone or a journal. 

I love commuting. When I’m in school, I make myself busy and don’t clear out that one hour to have time for myself. But commuting is a part of the day I can’t get rid of. It’s my part of the day. It’s my time to listen to She & Him’s new album, watch the latest advertisement from my favorite agencies, and write about all these people, events, and words that are cannonballing my brain and bouncing off into ten thousand ideas.

please spread this!!!!!

february 6, there will be “make rape legal” meetups all around the world. stay safe, and please spread it around to anyone you know!! here are the locations:

   United States


   Birmingham – In front of Ohenry’s coffee shop, downtown Homewood (not the Brookwood Mall Ohenry’s)


   Anchorage – Elderberry Park, near the Oscar Anderson House, a museum. Meet by the chairs and table. Address:1297 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99501.


   Phoenix – Meet in front of main entrance of tallest building of Phoenix Plaza (Qwest Tower).
   Tucson – Arizona Historical Society (949 E 2nd St, Tucson, AZ 85719). Meet at statue near corner of N Park Ave and E 2nd St.
   Little Rock – First Security Amphitheater , 400 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201.


   Long Beach – Parking lot of Glory Days Sports Bar, Carson Blvd and Woodruff Ave.
   Los Angeles – L.A. Live in front of Starbucks entrance. Address:800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015
   Newport Beach – The outdoor fountain directly in front of Macy’s department store at Fashion Island. Image.
   Orange County – The fountain in front of the Ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum Mall.
   Palm Springs – Fountain at Mercado Plaza (Palm Canyon Drive)
   Redwood City – Parking lot of IHOP. Address:491 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063
   Roseville – Royer Park (the large park on Douglas Blvd), next to the gatling gun statue. Image.
   San Diego – Corner of 16th & Broadway, in parking lot of the Goodwill
   San Diego (North) – The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch. Meet in front of The Baked Bear Shop.
   San Francisco – Balboa Park Bart station, by the arched exit. Image.
   San Leandro – Northwest corner of the intersection of E. 14th St. and Estudillo Av. Meet at the public fountain.
   Santa Barbara – Steps of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, located on the corner of State Street and Anapamu Street in downtown Santa Barbara
   Sherman Oaks – Sherman Oaks Galleria, between the fountain and Cheesecake Factory entrance. Image. Address:15301 Ventura Blvd.


   Boulder – North Boulder Park, beside the shelter. Image.

   Denver – In front of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, by the bike rack. Image.


   New Haven – World War I Memorial, beside flagpole
   Stamford – In the little square on the corner of Franklin St and Broad St. Image.


   Orlando – The Red Chinese Tang pavilion at Lake Eola, beside red pagoda.
   Tampa – Curtis Hixon Park, between fountains and grass. Image.
   West Palm Beach – Clematis Street Fountains, on the side of North Clematis street


   Athens – The Arch at the University of Georgia
   Atlanta – Piedmont Park, corner of 10th street and Charles Allen Dr by the sign.


   Honolulu – Pearl Ridge Downtown, underneath globe sign. Image. Address:98 – 1005 Moanalua Rd, Aiea, HI 96701


   Boise – Idaho State Capital Building, 700 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83702. Met by the statue of Abraham Lincoln.


   Chicago – Rogers Park, beside the flagpole. Image. Google Map.
   Chicago (Homewood) – Parking lot of Balagio’s. Address:17501 Dixie Hwy, Hazel Crest, IL 60430.


   Cedar Rapids – In Sokol Park beside the gazebo. 16th Ave SW
   Des Moines – Parking lot of the VA Hospital beside pictured tree. Image. Address:3600 30th St. Des Moines, IA. 50310


   New Orleans – Magazine Street and Lawrence Square, besides the big tree, across the street from 4318 Magazine Street. Image.


   Bangor – Bangor Public Library, in front of main entrance below the stairs (145 Harlow St)


   Annapolis – Downtown/Historic Annapolis Harbor, Main Street, by the Kunte Kinte memorial statue. Image.
   Baltimore – In front of Cross Street Market entrance in Federal Hill


   Boston (North End) – Paul Revere Statue in Paul Revere Mall
   Ann-Arbor – Nickel’s Arcade in downtown Ann Arbor. Meet at the center column near the entrance off State Street.
   Lansing – Lansing River Trail, top of the fish ladder steps. Image.
   Macomb County/Clinton Township – The Mall at Partridge Creek. Meet in front of the fountain between Brio Tuscan Grille and P.F. Chang’s. Address:17420 Hall Rd, Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48038
   Rochester Hills – Elizabeth Park, beside center bush. Image.


   Duluth – Leif Erickson Park by the stage. Address:12th Ave E & London Road, Duluth, MN 55802


   Kansas City – North side of the World War 1 Museum, on sidewalk directly above monument. Image.


   Las Vegas – Beside Vegas Vic neon sign on the old strip.

   New Hampshire

   Portsmouth – In front of main entrance of The North Church. 2 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

   New Jersey

   Atlantic City – On the Boardwalk in front of main Taj Mahal entrance
   Hoboken – In front of Mulligans Pub underneath the canopy. Address:159 1st St.

   New Mexico

   Albuquerque – East side of University Of New Mexico Bookstore. Address:2301 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. Image.

   New York

   New York – St. Catherine’s Park, next to the spiral kids slide. 1245 1st Ave between 67th and 68th st
   New York – Washington Square Park under the arch
   Rochester – Eastman School of Music, Kilbourn Hall (26 Gibbs St, Rochester, NY 14604), Meet at intersection at Gibbs and Main, where the concert hall entrance is. Image.
   Syracuse – Columbus Circle, next to the statue. Address:East Onondaga Street, Syracuse, NY 13202

   North Carolina

   Charlotte – Romare Bearden Park. Meet by the benches behind the gazebo-like structure on the corner of W Martin Luther King and Church St. Image.
   Wilmington – Riverfront Park, across the river from USS North Carolina, beside map kiosk. Image.


   Cincinnati – I-75 and Sharon road has a large parking lot with a grass field next to a Speedway Gas Station. Meet on the grass.


   Oklahoma City – In front of Harkins Theater at 150 E Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104. Image.


Harrisburg – Steps of Capitol on the west side. Image.

   Philadelphia – Washington Square Park, between 5th and 6th St right off Walnut Street (it is the size of a city block). Meet specifically by the memorial to the Revolutionary War Soldiers eternal flame.
   South Carolina
   Anderson – The Carolina Wren Park located downtown at 111 E. Whitner St. 29621 in the Pavilion. Meet beside the fountain.
   Camden – King Haigler Tower, main entrance. Image. Address:950 Broad Street, Camden SC 29020


   Chattanooga – In front of Dollar General. Image. Address:5952 E. Brainerd Road
   Mount Juliet – Parking lot in front of entrance to Big Star Cigar Lounge. Address:3384 N Mt. Juliet Road, Suite 1100, Mount Juliet, TN 37122
   Nashsville (North) – In front of Baileys in Rivergate Plaza Shopping Mall


   Austin – Palm Park by the stone structure. Image. Address:711 East 3rd Street, Austin, TX 78701
   Dallas – Meet at the old school phone booth In front of British Beverage Company (BBC). Address:
   2800 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201″
   Denton – Denton Square, beside the little arch. Image. Address:110 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201.
   El Paso – 301 W Missouri Ave, El Paso, TX 79901. Meet on corner next to statue of man. Image.
   Houston – Near the arch of the Sam Houston Monument, adjacent to Houston Museum of Natural Science (5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030)
   Nederland – By the gazebo in Doornbos Park AKA “Duck Park”. Address:S 24th ½ St, Nederland, TX 77627
   San Antonio – In front of main door of the Alamo


   Provo – Provo City Center Temple on the corner of University Avenue and Center Street. Meet at circle pathway in front of main entrance.
   Salt Lake City – Salt Lake City Library, at the top of the amphitheater. Address:210 E 400 S. Image.


   Charlottesville – Lee Park, beside the statue of Lee
   Virginia Beach – Mt. Trashmore, at bottom of stairs. Image. Address:310 Edwin Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


   Everett – Clark Park, next to the gazebo. Address:2400 Lombard Avenue, Everett, WA 98201.
   Seattle – In front of main entrance of Seattle Public Library. 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104.
   Seattle (North) – Statue of Lenin. Address:Corner of Fremont PI N and N 36th St.
   Washington DC
   Dupont Circle, on the north side by the Starbucks. Image.
   Kenosha – In front of Brat Stop. Address:12304 75th St. Kenosha, WI 53142.
   La Crosse – The large water fountain at Riverside Park.

   The Rest Of The World


   Brisbane – In the middle of King George Square in front of City Hall. Image.
   Melbourne – In the middle of Federation Square. Image.
   Perth – Ocean Beach Hotel on sidewalk. Image.
   Sydney – Picnic benches in front of Coogee Pavilion on Coogee Beach
   Sydney – Fountain in Hyde Park
   Sydney (South) – Brighton Le Sands beach, close to the stairs leading to the local shops.


   Graz – In the dead center of Tummelplatz square
   Wien – Museumsquartier, Treppe von Mumok (Stairs of Mumok). Museumsplatz 1, Wien 1010. Meet at bottom of steps.


   Nassau – In front of main entrance to Fort Montagu


   Brussels – Place Royale, 1000 Brussels. Meet beside the statue. Image.


   Sofia – Statue of Saint Sofia. Map


   Phnom Penh – The royal palace in front of main entrance. Meet at the bottom of the steps.


   Calgary – The CORE Shopping Center, in front of Starbucks
   Edmonton – Churchill Square, to the left of “Tix On The Square”. Image.
   Montreal – Palais des Congrès, 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, in between the pink trees (indoors). Image.
   Ottawa – Right inside the front doors of the Arts Court Building (a former county courthouse). Address:Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave. Streetview
   Surrey – City Central Mall, north entrance, in front of Blenz Coffee. Image.
   Toronto – Edward VII Statue in the center of Queens Park
   Vancouver – Vancouver Central Library, south side on Robson Street at library steps. Image. Address:350 W. Georgia St.
   Victoria – BC Legislature War Memorial.
   Windsor – The Burt Weeks Memorial Gardens, on mini-pier. Image. Homepage.
   Winnipeg – The fireplace at St. Vital Mall right beside the entrance to Chapters


   Santiago – Plaza Italia, next to the statue


   Shanghai – People’s Square Exit 1, street-side, left corner.


   Bogota – In the center of Parque de Usaquen

   Czech Republic

   Prague – Republic Square.


   Helsinki – Kolmen sepän patsas (Three Smiths statue) in Helsinki next to Stockmann department store. Google Map.


   Nantes – Crossing of Rue du Chateau and Rue Mathelin Rodier. In front of the main entrance of the castle is a little square with a statue of Anne de Bretagne. Meet beside the statue. Image.
   Paris – Place de la République, beside the lion statue. Image.


   Aachen – In the center point of Katschhof
   Berlin – In front of main entrance to Cafe Lichtburg. Behmstrasse, 13357 Berlin. Map.
   Frankfurt am Main – Bank entrance of Frankfurt Dome / Frankfurter Dom, in front of the souvenir shop with the red sign. Image
   Hamburg – Hamburg Rathaus, in front of the main entrance
   Munchen – München Olympiazentrum, BMW Welt, main entrance. Image 1. Image 2.
   Nurnberg – Willy-Brandt-Denkmal (monument) at the Willy-Brandt-Platz, next to statue. Image.
   Würzburg – Warriors Memorial near the Wurzburg Residence. Image.

   Hong Kong

   In front of Joe Banana’s Bar in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island (Jaffe Road and Laurd Road).


   Reykjavik – Leif Ericsson statue in Hallgrímstorg Church


   Mumbai – D-mart in Powai, beside the tree by the main entrance. Image. Google Map.


   Tehran – Niavaran Park, Tehran. Meet at the eastern side of the main fountain in front of the ice cream shop.
   Naas – In front of main entrance of Naas Courthouse


   Tel Aviv – In front of the main entrance to Sarona Market


   Bari – Parco 2 Giugno, in front of main entrance on Viale Einaudi. Image.
   Reggio calabria – Museo Nazionale, in front of main entrance. Image.
   Rome – At the Spanish Steps, in front of the Montcler store, at the corner of Via Condotti. Image.


   Osaka – Next to the KFC beside HEP 5 shopping mall. Address:6-15 Kakudacho, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0017, Japan. Image.
   Tokyo – Ebisu Garden Place Glass Square, beside glass structure


   Mexico City – Beside Kiosko de Coyoacan. Image.


   Settat – Horse Fountain. Image. Google Map.


   Kathmandu – Patan Durbar Square, between the two tall columns. Image.


   Amsterdam – The center of ”Spui”, a square, meeting in front of the ”Maagdenhuis”. Image.
   Utrecht – Center of Neude Square

   New Zealand

   Auckland – Aotea Square on Queen Street, next to the industrial statue
   Dunedin – In front of of Dunedin Town Hall at archway below the steps. Image.
   Wellington – Glover Park, in front of “The Rogue & The Vagabond” under the minarets art sculpture.


   Manila – Greenbelt mall beside the R-letter pedestal at the entrance near the Hermes store. Image 1, Image 2.


   Gdansk – At Fontanna Neptuna
   Katowice – Spodek (Saucer) in Katowice. Address:ul. Korfantego 35
   Warsaw – In front of Starbucks across from the Mariott Hotel. Image.
   Wroclaw – In the middle of Plac Solny (“Salt Square”/Flower Market), beside the Iglica (needle) statue. Stare Miasto 50-061/50-062, Wroclaw.


   Lisbon – Restauradores – Monument to the Restorers, in front of the obelisk, near Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa. Image.


   Bucharest – Piata Universitatii – Fantana. Image.


   Novosibirsk – Next to the statue of Vladimir Lenin on Lenin Square


   Belgrade – Trg Republike, in front of horse statue


   Singapore – Fort Canning Park, Dhoby Ghaut, underneath big arch. Image.


   Ljubljana – “The Illyrian Provinces Monument” (Ilirski steber) at the “French Revolution Square” (Trg Francoske revolucije)

   South Korea

   Seoul – In front of Bosingak Belfry. Jonggak station, subway line 1, exit 4.


   Barcelona – Underneath Arc de Triomf monument
   Granada – In front of Granada Cathedral


   Stockholm – Medborgarplatsen, in front of first glass structure. Image.
   Basel – Baarfuesserplatz Tram Stop, by the tall pole. Image.
   Taipei – On Tap Pub, in front of main entrance. Address:No. 21, Alley 11, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106


   Bangkok – In front of Starbucks Terminal 21

   United Arab Emirates

   Dubai – Dubai Mall, in front of Tim Horton. Image.

   United Kingdom

   Cardiff – Beside female statue in front of Hilton Cardiff on Friary Road. Image.
   Edinburgh – Covenanter’s Memorial in Grassmarket
   Glasgow – George Square. Meet by the tall obelisk statue.
   Leeds – The center of Millenium Square
   London – Royal Airforce Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park (Hyde Park Corner side)
   London – In front of Royal Exchange beside horseman statue (outside “Bank” tube station)
   Manchester – In front of the main entrance to Sinclair’s Oyster Pub
   Newcastle – Beside Grey’s monument
   Shrewsbury – Frankwell car park, bottom of the pedestrian walkway.

please, notify anyone you know that goes into these areas that they aren’t safe; also, edit if you or anyone you know has any information on more areas that there will be “make rape legal” meetups!!