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My AP photo class took a field trip to San Francisco two weeks ago and one of the art galleries we went to was Pier 26. My favorite exhibit was this room. A man decided to print every single picture uploaded to Flickr in one day and just pile them all into a room all the way to the ceiling. (350,000) It was amazing to just lay down in a sea of photographs and look at one and see into someone else’s life. There were so many weddings and special occasions and even just selfies. It was by the far the most interesting art exhibit I have been to.


‘All Ends with Beginnings’ – for gauntletgallery’s 3rd annual Daft Punk tribute exhibition, opening this weekend in San Francisco.

Believe me when I tell you that this was so much fun to make. If you’re interested, over on instagram I shared several previews of work in progress as it came together.

Prints will be for sale online at some point soon after the show opens (at Gauntlet Gallery’s discretion). This is my first show with Gauntlet so thanks to the guys for reaching out.


Art Show: Beautiful Chaos

Location: The Laundry Gallery on 3359 26th St @ Mission St in San Francisco

Presented by Mr. Dvice & MISSIONART415

Friday, March 17, 2017
6PM - 1 AM

Entertainment throughout the night:
DJ Jah Yzer (main floor)
DJ Cuba and David (lower level)
Featuring Artists:
Mr. Dvice
Nick Danger
Mark Bode
Nite Owl
Rikki List
Stephen Anadon Jr.
Keith Hollander
Entrance Fee: $10 provides entrance ticket and one free house beer/wine (must be 21 years old)


Joan Cornellà - A Solo Show at Spoke Art Gallery
Through Saturday, March 26th, 2016.

 Working primarily in comics, this month’s show explores the twisted world that Cornellà has so carefully crafted for us. Through simple, wordless imagery, Cornellà is able to effectively convey all that he sees humorous, no matter how taboo.

Upon first glance, Cornellà’s work seems light-hearted and playful, his figures all share a generic blank smile and bright cheery color palette (akin to 1950’s advertising or Airline safety pamphlets) Upon further inspection however, the overwhelming morbidness and unnerving nature shines through with unparalleled force. Black comedy, at it’s core, is about satirizing subjects that are traditionally prohibited, things that are seen as too sacred or off limits. Cornellà pokes fun at such topics and cuts to their core with gags and minimal visual clues, illustrating scenes of cannibalism, infanticide, deification, murder, suicide and amputation (used most frequently). While some feel affronted by his work, many connect over it, laughing and feeling bad for laughing all at the same time.


Chromatic Erratics - Caia Koopman, a solo show
On view: Through March 28th, 2015

“Chromatic Erratics”, a solo show of Santa Cruz-based artist Caia Koopman, is her first solo exhibition at Spoke Art with a brand new body of work.

Originating from the roots of Pop Surrealism, “Chromatic Erractics” is an exploration of Caia’s personal aesthetic and the California culture that so deeply saturates her subject matter. Growing up in Southern California, Caia is considerably drawn to the surf, skate and tattoo culture; these lowbrow influences, combined with her love of nature result in a visually striking style, full of eccentric illustrative touches.

Consisting of a series of small to medium sized portraits and one large-scale mural, “Chromatic Erratics” is a kind of reflection into Caia’s artistic mind. Each piece holds a special place for her, each figure resonates on a different level. The female subjects that grace her paintings are forceful in their feminist gaze yet remain fluid and organic akin to the nature that surrounds them. Surreal and whimsical all at once, Caia’s females are intentionally situated the colorful dreamlike world of their own making.

A staunch devotee to environmentalism, Caia hopes her work will raise awareness about the deteriorating ecological state of our earth. “I am pretty much horrified at what humans are doing to the planet and all its inhabitants. There is an incredible imbalance right now, this planet can not sustain the life humans are sucking out of it daily. I hope that my art speaks to people about the respect for nature and our fellow critters that I feel.” she states.

A highly anticipated exhibition, “Chromatic Erratics” is a swirling display of surrealist painting and illustration.