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They say money can’t buy love. That is true. They say beauty is only skin deep. That, too, is true. They also say no one will adopt a senior kitty like Chani…. WE KNOW THAT’S NOT TRUE!

Still, she’s been flaunting her dark dilute tortie markings at Animal Care & Control San Francisco for WEEKS now, asking, “Where are you, new human who will love me forever???”

Maybe they just don’t know she’s there, so how about you help them with a reblog?

Anyone who wants to meet Chani can email or call 415-554-6364 – or just visit her at the shelter at 1200 15th Street (at Harrison), San Francisco, CA 94103.

She does need to be an only kitty, but we think you’ll agree when you’re as sweet as she is, and you have ALL her love for yourself, it’s no hardship!

Cala can’t believe that, at 18 years old, she’s ended up in the SHELTER! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Her human had some serious issues and couldn’t keep her, so brought her to Animal Care & Control San Francisco. She’s not really finding the accomodations what she had in mind for her golden years. SHE NEEDS HELP!

Cala is friendly, affectionate, and loves to be petted. She particularly enjoys telling you all about her day and sharing gossip with a special person. Most of all, she likes to be with you… she has so much love in her heart!

A rescue person told us about her, but you’ll need to contact the shelter to find out about more:

Pet ID: A389813



1200 15th Street (at Harrison)

San Francisco, CA 94103

Cala is counting on you. Did we mention she’s EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD? The clock is ticking… reblog her now!


Need some sunshine in you life? Meet Dawn.

She was found scavenging for food in a burned out building. Now she’s with Animal Care & Control San Francisco, and very happy that devoted servants bring food to her!

She’s a little shy, but very sweet and gentle. All she needs is someone to give her a little bit of care.

Do you have some TLC you can give to Dawn, who is sure to brighten up your life? Call (415) 554-6364 or email

This kitty is a real lady - the Gray Lady in fact.

Gray Lady is a sweet and petite beauty at Animal Care and Control San Francisco, California.  She is very gentle and loving.

She’s also a complete softie.  And we don’t just mean her beautiful fur.  She’s has an affectionate, friendly personality that could soften the hardest heart.

Need someone to curl up with on a lazy day?  Have an empty lap that needs filling?  Call (415) 554-6364!

Sometimes life is hard. That’s what it was like for lovely Muneca’s first human, who had to let her go because of a personal tragedy. Now she needs our help to find a home!

Muneca’s name means “Doll” in Spanish, and that’s just what this 7 year old Calico lovebug is! She has a minor heart murmur and is pretty sad at Animal Care & Control San Francisco… won’t you help her find a soft, sweet spot to curl up and be happy again?

You can call the shelter at 415-554-6364, but if possible, go there in person at 1200 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. And please, reblog her! She’s counting on us!

Adopt a Senior Pet Month is already half over, so today we have two amazing seniors to show you!

Qui Qui is the gorgeous black cat.  At 14-years-young, his favorite pastimes are chatting and cuddling with you. The other fabulous cat, Tuco, is a friendly, calm, and lovable 15-year-old.

Sometimes they seem a little sad because they went into the shelter after their human passed away.  What they really need is a new human to love them. 

They’re at the Animal Care & Control San Francisco, but Tonis Kitty Rescue is handling the adoption. Email Toni at to meet your new buddies!

♪ I left my heart ♫ .. in San Francisco♩… high in an animal shelter ♪…it calls to….OHAI! I’m Sophie at San Francisco Animal Care and Control… my person got sick, and now I need you to help me find a new home PLEEEZE!

To find out more or meet me, you can call (415) 554-6364 or email, but the best way is to come by the shelter at 1200 15th Street, just off Rescue Row!