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Following a Super Bowl performance that marked only his tenth start in the NFL, this hottie locked in a return trip to football’s biggest game, his adorable smile and killer chest locked him onto this list for good. Colin Kaepernick!


This tough guy’s got a tough, exterior shell. Made of pure toned muscle that is! Patrick Willis!


Since you’ve shown him so much love, I will reciprocate! He’s got a trademarked move and he adores his tattoos (and I do too)! Colin Kaepernick!

Credit for the awesome pics goes to Kae-9er-nicking! :D


taydo-the-potato’s NFL Boys Top Ten

7. Michael Crabtree

This wide receiver started hooking up in dangerous connections with his new QB last season, but was unfortunately struck with injury that could effectively put him out for the entire approaching season, a real shame for the amount of talent he displayed. We wish you all the best in recovery, Michael Crabtree!

Send in YOUR top 10 NFL boys and I’ll count them down for you!


With a new QB at the helm, this receiver has been showing his true metal, all while dazzling his adorable pearly whites! Michael Crabtree!