“I never miss the moment they look in the mirror,” said Limos. “When they look in the mirror they either see an old version of themselves that they connect to and remember, or they see someone that they’ve never seen before and they’re excited to have this new identity.”

Meet The Barber Giving Away Free Haircuts To The LGBT Community For The Best Reason (x)

The Hotel Intruder

@staticgypsy Submitted:

When I was younger, my parents and I would take annual trips to San Francisco. We used to stay at this hotel on the outskirts of the city since it was much cheaper than staying in one downtown. It was older and didn’t necessarily have all the trademarks or amenities of a five star hotel, but it sufficed as a place to rest your head at night. During the day we’d drive out to the city and do the typical touristy things, like going to ride the trolley cars and walking the Golden Gate Bridge, all while my Dad would record it on his new camcorder. Then at night we’d come back to our little hotel room with the two beds to sleep off the exhausting day.
I never liked staying in hotels or even sleepovers as a kid. Just something about staying in a bed other than my own gave off this foreign feeling that made it too uncomfortable for me to fall asleep anytime fast, and so I’d usually stay up late in my own bed watching TV while my parents were already knocked out long before me in the next bed over. Eventually I’d drift off while listening to sound of the television, but as I said before hotels made me restless, so sometime very early in the morning I woke up to the room being much darker and much quieter than when I had first gone to sleep. I rolled over and realized that the TV had been turned off, which technically was nothing new since my parents detested sleeping in anything but complete silence, but as a child this set me into an instant unsettled feeling. I probably would’ve just gone back to sleep if I hadn’t noticed another presence in the dimly lit room - this little green ball of light which hovered high on the wall at the foot of my bed. I was frozen in fear and unable to move anything but my eyes as I saw the light wavering slightly from left to right. Despite being startled into absolute terror, my first thought was of my Dad’s camcorder and how it had a light similar to this one which indicated that it was recording except for the fact that it was red. But I was young and my mind was racing towards the idea that someone had possibly broken into our room and was stealthily recording me on some kind of videocamera before attempting doing something awful to us, perhaps to document their next victim. It was a chilling scenario that my mind had come up with and I tried to cry out to my parents who I could see only a few feet over in the next bed but I couldn’t scream because I was so terrified that I as soon as I made a noise that whomever or whatever this presence was that there in the room with us would know that I was awake. Then I tried to calm my mind as I usually did when I was scared of something by thinking of any other explanation or excuse and I came to the conclusion that I was just seeing the light from a smoke detector or something on the wall. I was somewhat successful in convincing myself of this, enough so that I went back to sleep while still being very wary and keeping my eyes on the floating green light.
When I woke up the next morning I was still shaken and thinking about the possibilities. Then I remembered to check the wall where I had seen the light hovering - there was no smoke detector there at all, just a blank wall. However, the thought of an intruder was quickly fading fast from my mind since in the morning sunlight I was finally thinking clearly and remembering that there was enough light in the room that I would’ve just been able to make out a human figure if there had actually been someone physically there. At the same time there was still the distinct presence of another entity being there in the room, which was definitely coming from that lone green orb of light. Though I was still unsure of what exactly I had witnessed, I told my parents about what I had seen that night and we never spent another dime in that particular hotel again after that.
This experience has always stuck with me and now that I’m older I have a particular interest in the paranormal and ghost stories. The internet gives me the power to investigate my past experience for myself and in my search for answers I found a website on ghost orbs. It had information about all the different colors of light that orbs may emit and how a green one could be a human or earthly spirit. As for who it was I’m not precisely sure, but I’m definitely convinced that I had an encounter with a ghost.

Fuck Yeah moderator Gracie: 1/10 All those thoughts you had running through your head about what the green light could be I would totally be thinking the same thing. Im glad you were able to find out what kind of orb you saw was. Thanks for the scares!

Update San Francisco:
Not a huge update–but I have come to the point that I will be building suburbs in the foothills on the west-bay.  Today I have built several cloverleafs  and parkways ascending the hills and I’ll soon start developing.  A good idea when you’re building freeways is to leave 1-2 zone units on either side of the freeway if you can manage so that you have right-of-way for things like computer rail, which I will eventually get to.  I also sometimes keep a reminder of this by placing powerlines along the freeway.  They serve a dual roll in keeping right-of-way open but also powering your suburbs.

San Francisco - United States of America

San Francisco is a city with a variety of architecture with a mix of Victorian and modern architecture. Possibly most iconic are San Francisco’s terrace houses that line the cities famously steep streets. These houses have become known as “Painted Ladies”, and are defined by the use of three or more colours to enhance the houses architectural details. The terrace houses at 710 - 720 Steiner Street, across the road from Alamo Square Park, are a great example of the Painted Ladies. 


San Francisco - SLFL Mountain View, 9/2/16

So here’s the story: At the beginning of the show, Luke asked us if we wanted to be addressed as San Francisco or Mountain View. He took a vote by screams and SF won. Later on we kept screaming for them to sing San Francisco. Michael made us a deal that if we could be the loudest city, then they would play San Francisco. They blessed us with this beautiful, intimate acoustic version.