san fran psycho

anonymous asked:

Do you know where we can get some of the bizarre shirts and clothes Sonny has? I've looked all over the internet and I can't seem to find much.

It’s your lucky day anon, I was feeling very sad late last night and needed a distraction so the hunt was on, some of these are out of stock right now so you might have to wait a bit and I was disappointed to find some of his shirts are not even available at all anymore. Here’s a list of where you can find some of his shirts, I didn’t bother with pants cause they’re usually just black jeans of some sort.

San Fran Psycho  SFP

Fred Perry (He also has the sailing jacket with a white laurel wreath no longer available on the site but you might be able to find one on amazon)

Ralph Lauren (He has the black with red horse, and possibly white can’t remember)

Rip n Dip

And Justice for All 

Kill em all (It’s interesting to note he seems to wear this one backwards, he must like the design on the back better)

Doris Jersey

KTN (This is the gold version, he has the silver and regular t-shirt white version of this but I couldn’t find the silver)

Aoki (Special shirt made for Steve Aoki’s birthday one year, there’s only a few pics of him wearing it)

Hervia V1   Hervia V2   Hervia V3

Massiv V1  Massiv V2  Massiv V3


Boys Noize (This is the white version, he also has black with yellow around the face but again couldn’t find that version)

Feed Me



Bixel (This is a special shirt, they only let about 10 people join their team at a time, last contest they did was in May. Basically anyone who wants this shirt has to write a 150 word or less essay about what it means to them to be a free spirit, it’s the one he wore when I met him; the site has no news if or when they’re opening up spaces in their team again but stay hopeful.)