san fran adventure

That time of year again...

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I wandered around the theater to get familiar with the area and see where parking was. I also found the stage door for after the show. I arrived during intermission of the 2pm showing and everyone was raving about how good it was. 😍

I’m so excited!! More to come from my Hamilton Adventure.

Britt Speaks

Well lovelies… My vacation started off was more stressful than planned. I left home this morning and started my drive south to California and when I was about 3 hours from home I had to stop to get gas. While I was in traffic my car began overheating. Now my car has been in the shop 3 separate times for this issue and seemed to be fixed since it hasn’t been acting up at home. So basically that meant if I got stuck in traffic, which is a certainty in San Fran, my car would start to over heat and it could blow my engine.

So in a panic I called my grandpa because I didn’t know what to do because I had to get to California…. this is Hamilton we are talking about, there is no way in hell I’m missing the show in the 20th.

My grandpa then looked up and called every car rental place in the town I was in, hoping he could rent one for me to be able to use. All of them told him they had no cars in stock because there a big class reunion going on and a lot of people had rented cars. 😒

So I got ahold of my cousin who lived in that town and he came to where i was stuck and I followed him to his house. I’m so glad I happened to have a family member in that town. My grandparents then told me they were on their way and would be there as soon as possible and would switch me cars and they would take the other one home and get it into a shop. So three hours of sitting around later I was able to switch them cars and hit the road again. I just got to my uncle’s house in the Bay, it’s almost 1am.

Im so thankful my family helped me so my vacation wasn’t ruined and I’m back on track to explore San Francisco tomorrow and see Hamilton on Thursday.

I will be posting pictures of my adventures so if your interested look out for those. Good night everyone I’m emotionally and physically drained.