san diego fires

For all that are involved in the San Diego, California fires: Please stay safe. I am so worried about these fires because they're so unpredictable and doing so much damage. Pack food, water, important documents and your most treasured items packed and ready to go just incase. Thank God for the brave men and women fighting the fires to protect SD communities right now. I pray for all of your safety and that these fires will be stopped soon.

As you may know, it can be ridiculously hard to find a place for your pets and animals when you need to evacuate and take shelter from a disaster like the wildfires currently ravaging the county. The San Diego Humane Society released this list of resources on their Facebook today.

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Hello, tumblr!  You know how a lot of San Diegans are mentioning fire season and all, what with the fires we’re having in North County?  While the current fires are pretty worrisome, it’s nothing compared to what we’ve dealt with before.

This gif, courtesy of SDSU’s Department of Geography, is a map of the two major fire seasons we’ve had in the last 11 years, both in late October.   2003’s fires were the worst due to various reasons, and even now, while we’re fighting really hard, we’re far more prepared.

Just thought you guys would like a bit of context with what’s going on in our past.