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The ‘Bean Dip’ - brought to you by Lemon Drop of the San Diego Derby Dolls

We all know to get low and show our back when trying to counter or avoid hits, but knowing something and actually doing it correctly are sometimes two very different things. 

This is a simple move that pretty much everyone has seen but those less experienced don’t always remember to implement (including myself). This video breaks it down and goes over the when and the why. Just a little bit of revision that will hopefully get us all being amazing on the track.

Jolly-Pop over and out.  


awesome video on how to sideways skae from Bonnie D. Stroir of the San Diego Derby Dolls.


Miglior consiglio mai ricevuto per schivare un bloccaggio. Non vedo l'ora di provarlo sul flat track.


How to do a leg whip. 

the beginning.


Seriously. How is it that I started playing roller derby? Aside from a fifth grade scuffle with a cousin and an ironic punching incident in New York City, I am a pacifist. Honest to God. So how did I end up hitting, blocking and falling? 

It started in October. My friend, Charlie, and I decided to find a new and exciting hobby. We joined a boxing gym. After jabbing and kicking my way through the next couple months, I got bored. Seriously bored. Who was I kidding? I was never going to actually fight someone else. I believed in peace! On several occasions I have even been referred to as “hippy dippy”! Getting in a boxing ring was just never going to happen. 

So I quit the gym. 

In January, Charlie suggested we check out the San Diego Derby Dolls… the local roller derby league. They held orientation mid-month and the website said “no experience required” so naturally, we signed up. On a Monday night, I found myself on used, comfy couches in the middle a warehouse called the “Dollhouse”. Alda Sudden, a veteran derby player, spoke to a group of us about the league policies and the process of how to become a league player through the process of bootcamp. As Alda was talking, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the big, tough girls on rollerskates who were practicing on the track next to us. They were big. OK, they seemed big in retrospect. But they were definitely tough. Girls were falling, yelling and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be back at the Dollhouse again. 

I didn’t really plan on coming back. Ever. 

It was the next morning and the more I thought about roller derby, the more I actually wanted to try it. Could I actually do it? Was I tough enough? 

I recalled my first (and only sober) fight… my cousin Monica was visiting from Montana in fifth grade. She had been staying with us for about a week, and I guess we were getting sick of each other. We hit our last nerves. I started whining to my dad about how she was “bugging me”. I can only assume my dad wanted to teach me the greatest lesson of all time, or perhaps he was just fed up with me and my only child ways, regardless, his advice was to “duke it out”. I made the first move. In the back of a burgundy Chevrolet Cavalier, I broke my track record of pacifism and turned violent. Monica, who came from a family of eight, deflected the punch and returned the favor with a right fist directly into my eye. I cried and manically drew peace signs over everything I owned. 

Tuesday evening, I found myself back at the Dollhouse, putting on loaner gear and stepping into rollerskates for the first time in about ten years. It wasn’t pretty. I told myself I would give derby two weeks and if I still enjoyed it, I would stick with it. 

I fell in love. 

But I'm definitely still in the honeymoon stage. My affair with derby is new and I will never claim to be an expert of any kind… I am constantly in admiration of the amazing women who have been involved in this sport before me. Their sweat, blood and experimentation in this relationship are not lost on me. (Many thanks, many thanks, much appreciation).

So, the intent of this blog is to chronicle my experience. From learning skating skills in bootcamp to making new friends at Taco Tuesday, I hope to have fun in learning a new sport and find the guts to “duke it out”. 



Blocking 102: Destructive Blocking

This is a little part of the article about my Roller Derby team that i’m mentioned in (my Derby name is Minxy) this made me so happy. I’m referred to as one of the teams most skilled blockers. I could start crying of happiness right now. I love this sport so much, and it means the world to me that i finally belong somewhere. That i can finally do something right. Over these seven months of playing roller derby i have met a lot of friends, and just fell in love with this sport. Which i learned is not only a sport, but a life style and one of the most important things to me. I hope i never drift too far from this sport, i love it so much.