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If you’re a PKMN and NBA fan like I am, then you’ll love this.

Pokemon NBA, by Micah Coles.

If you weren’t a sports enthusiast, now you are! What is your favorite team(s)?

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Early NBA Finals Predictions

Golden State and Cleveland: Round 4. Golden State in 6. Surprise surprise. 

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The Warriors have shaken up the NBA since winning the Finals in June, and the only main piece they lost on their roster is Ros. The West is stacked, especially looking at Houston, OKC, and Minnesota, but the Warriors team chemistry is unparalleled. The one thing that every championship team has is the one key piece more important than talent: team chemistry. It inspires heart. It puts everyone on the same page. It naturally creates a willingness to execute and win. It also makes basketball fun for players and fans alike.

It’s going to take more than a season for any other team to build chemistry like that; however, being that teams will be so frustrated that they can’t recreate this kind of success, pieces will continue to flutter about among the league. Steph, Klay, and Draymond are going into their fifth season together. It took three seasons for them to go from a perennial second-round team with the Clippers to an overnight success. Adding Durant seamlessly is like a nicely-fitted nitro booster on a car in a Need for Speed video game. 

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Cleveland has the famed bromance of LeBron and Dwyane Wade. They were in the same Draft, and have shared Olympic, All-Star, and Finals moments alike. I have no doubt that their chemistry is going to be dynamic this season, and that Wade will be inspired to return to his Father Prime state. What concerns me are the other pieces aforementioned in the beginning of this post. Again, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith are now on the bench. Richard Jefferson, the spirit of the bench and podcast co-host on LeBron’s Uninterrupted company, is now in Denver. Much of the organization is still reeling from Kyrie’s departure; even with Wade, Rose, and Crowder as new additions, they’re going to miss a dazzling scorer in Kyrie.

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Boston was an East Finals contender. Before the Hayward injury, however, I wondered if LeBron and Kyrie could win without each other. LeBron has won without him before back when he was a Heatle, and it doesn’t hurt that he has Wade again, but they’re older, and to repeat, Kyrie could pull a LeBron on LeBron and instill the championship blueprint. Boston may even have a less toxic locker room, considering much of the team is young and willing to learn.

Houston reminds me of Chicago last season: too many ball-dominant guards. It’s the same Rockets, but with a new face on the roster in Chris Paul. They don’t win the opener if Draymond didn’t suffer an injury. 

OKC may have a less stressed Melo, but I’m interested to see how this team chemistry will work with him, a proven leader and ride or die in Russell Westbrook, and a Paul George who could use OKC as a pit stop before going to LA (would he want to pull a Hibbert, though? Or Howard? Or Lin?). What’s funny to me is that Houston tried to get Melo twice and still lost him. 

My dark horse candidates are the Spurs, Bucks, and Timberwolves. 

Spurs are always in contention thanks to Pop. Kawhi will continue to be a silent force in the league. They’re like Notre Dame Football traditions: heavily reliant on old school fundamentals. What they need to do this season is play with a little more youthfulness while relying on veteran skills. Watching them makes me age 10 years, but if that’s their style of basketball, so be it.

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The Bucks are going to be nice this year. Giannis Antetokounmpo is an early MVP candidate, but many also forget that they have 2017 Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon, the first Buck with the honor since Lew Alcindor. They also have a veteran agitator and 2011 champ in Jason Terry to compliment fellow agitator Matthew Dellavedova. Top it off with a 7′1″ rookie in Thon Maker, Khris Middleton, a healthy Jabari Parker, and Greg Monroe, and you have a pretty solid squad. 

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The Timberwolves made the best offseason moves. They acquired Jimmy Butler on Draft Night, reuniting him with Thibs and his defensive philosophy. Taj Gibson also came from the Chicago philosophy. The key to their season is to stop tanking. There are no more excuses with Butler and a more mature Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns. They also have a veteran marksman in Jamal Crawford. 

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It’s going to be another fun NBA season with a predictable ending.


Since the NBA enforced a dress code, the players have upped their style game becoming some of the best dress pro-athletes on the planet. Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are just a few ballers who have embraced their inner fashionista’s, raising the swag of the league.

But what if players could take their stylish tastes to the court? Well, fashion illustrator Meagan Morrison brought that idea to life, as she created these creative high fashion jerseys.