san antonio regional


·         They drain the San Antonio Riverwalk once a year. They tell you it’s shallow, only three feet deep, but no matter how much you stare you cannot see the bottom. They’ve found prosthetic limbs in the annual dredging.

·         You’ve been driving for hours. Surely you’re out of state lines by now, you tell yourself. But the scenery hasn’t changed at all, and the sky has long turned dark. You can’t remember the last town you went through.

·         There are lights above Marfa. People come from far and wide to see them, but we don’t talk about them. We don’t talk about the lights above Marfa- they listen. We don’t want them to hear us.

·         We don’t sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” because it’s a tradition. We sing it to keep it sated. Because deep in the hill country, if you stand still enough, you can feel a deep, steady throb beneath your feet.

·         You hear screams in the heavy heat of summer nights. Your mother tells you that it’s nothing but the wind, but you don’t believe her. There hasn’t been wind in months.

·         The heat is sticky and heady against your skin, even in the dead of night. “Sure is hot this summer,” your mother says. Her eyes are glassy, and her teeth grind together as she stares out into the distance. “Sure is hot.”

·         There are tunnels beneath San Antonio. They connect the missions to San Fernando Cathedral. They’ve long been closed off- no one goes in the tunnels. No one wants to go in the tunnels.

·         The grackles are waiting in the grocery store parking lot. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of them- they scream into the sky and watch you as you pack away your groceries.

·         The ground has cracked into dusty plates. There are children that have never seen rain. You don’t remember the last time it rained. A lot of people say it never will again.

·         Basements are banned. The ground is too dry, they say. It’ll crack your foundation. But you know why they’re banned. Everyone knows why. But we must forget.

·         The forest is deep, so very deep. You walk on, but all you find is a roofless hut filled with shotgun shells. There are claw marks on the wall, on the ground. You scuff at them with your shoe.

·         Off the highway, decaying farmhouses stand like gray smudges against the blue sky. The cattle graze around them, away from them. The grass around them is dead.

·         Don’t Mess with Texas. Texas remembers. Texas is vengeful.

·         You don’t watch the heat waves that rise off of the gravel. Look forward. Look forward. Keep driving.

If you were in the crowd last night after BD's performance, thank you.

Last night was a moment I will never forget. To be able to perform in front of all those people and throw down an incredible show was a dream come true. We dealt with bus issues all day, and received nothing but kindness from DCI, and the fans. We made jokes all day about going on last, but we couldn’t believe it when they told us that was actually going on. Thank you for making an incredible memory and a dream come true for many people in the corps. Playing for all those people is something We will never forget. Also, congrats to all the other corps who performed last night.

Pre-San Antonio

Well just because I’m a band nerd and love playing the guessing game, I’m going to see if I can guess how everything’s gonna play out on August 8th!

This is based solely on what I’ve seen from the stands, sidelines, and head to head competitions, so some stuff may be off. There’s also a little bias towards the Colts, so bear with me.

Honestly 1-3 (possibly 1-5) is too wild to call right now, but if I had to take a stab at how it’ll turn out, I would say:

1) Cadets
2) Blue Devils
3) Bluecoats
4) Santa Clara Vanguard
5) Carolina Crown

Once you get passed that, there’s a definitive gap down to spots 6-8. These are definitely going to be BK, Cavs, and PR:

6) Cavaliers
7) Blue Knights
8) Phantom Regiment

Now we get to the fun stuff: the cut off line!
Honestly right now with how it’s going, spots 9-15 are pretty wild and it’s anybody’s game. Really the only group here I feel is guaranteed in is Troop, but I feel like they’ll get passed up as we near the end of the season. But really if I HAD to guess how this will play out, I’d say something like this:

9) Blue Stars
10) Troopers
11) Colts
12) Boston Crusaders
13) Academy
14) Madison Scouts
15) Crossmen

After that I think it’s pretty straightforward.  Only switch-ups I could see here would be Mandarins and Pac Crest slugging it out to see who’s on top.

16) Spirit of Atlanta
17) Pacific Crest
18) Mandarins
19) Oregon Crusaders
20) Cascades
21) Jersey Surf
22) Pioneer

Like I said, that middle group of 9-15 is just crazy right now and I have no idea what’s going to happen, but before we even hit San Antonio, I can say for certain that I feel that’s how everything will shake up. We’ll see what happens on Saturday!

San Antonio Regional Scores

World Class Scores

1. The Cadets (87.625)     

2. Blue Devils (87.30)

3. Carolina Crown (86.20)

4. Bluecoats (85.625)

5. Santa Clara Vanguard (84.825)

6. Blue Knights (81.900)

7. The Cavaliers (81.825)

8. Phantom Regiment (80.975)

9. Madison Scouts (79.200)

10. Boston Crusaders (77.725)

11. Crossmen (77.425)

12. Blue Stars (77.150)

13. Troopers (76.275)

14. Colts (75.225)

15. The Academy (74.075)

16. Spirit of Atlanta (71.82)

17.  Mandarins, Oregon Crusaders (TIE 69.475)

19.  Pacific Crest (67.45)

20. Cascades (64.20)

21. Jersey Surf (63.55)

22. Pioneer (57.775)

Open Class Scores

1. Genisis (61.35)

2. Lousianna Stars (56.90)

3. Guardians (51.95)

International Class Scores

1. Jubal (53.50)

Legends (Open Class Winner of Corps $ Race)

The Cadets (World Class Winner of Corps $ Race)

World Class Scores from the San Antonio Regional 7/19/14
1. Blue Devils - 91.650
2. The Cadets - 90.975
3. Bluecoats - 89.850
4. Santa Clara Vanguard - 89.000
5. Carolina Crown - 88.700
6. The Cavaliers - 86.925
7. Phantom Regiment - 84.725
8. Blue Knights - 84.100
9. Boston Crusaders - 82.425
10. Blue Stars - 81.725
11. Madison Scouts - 81.425
12. Crossmen - 80.250
13. Troopers - 77.900
14. Spirit of Atlanta - 76.550
15. Colts - 76.100
16. Oregon Crusaders - 74.800
17. The Academy - 74.775
18. Pacific Crest - 73.050
19. Mandarins - 72.375
20. Jersey Surf - 69.650
21. Cascades - 67.200
22. Pioneer - 64.125