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Snapped this photo of Parker when I met him last weekend at Warped Tour in San Antonio. Super nice dude and as we all know, his band kicks ass. Oh, and I took this on my Contax T2. Switchin’ it up this summer…


Okay guys so I’m looking to get my first tattoo this summer and I need some help!
If anyone knows and really good artists I could get to do a commission for me that would be rad, I know I want my parents’ birth flowers but I can’t draw for shit, also if anyone knows any good tattoo artists in the San Antonio area that would be A+, also if y'all just have general first tattoo advice I’m a weenie sooo I’d be forever grateful for any of this ❤❤❤


What inspired you to create this project? The meaning behind it all?

DM: I wrote the story for an assignment that asked us to use a place or animal to represent culture. It all kind of flowed like I just started typing and never reread what I wrote. It was the rough draft and final copy haha.  

What is the message you are trying to share with the audience?

DM: I may be in my own space 🚀 but I shouldn’t feel that I don’t fit in because I can’t feel completely a part of one culture. I feel like speaking/understanding Spanish will help me have a better understanding of the history of Mexicans and Mexican Americans. Language is an invaluable resource.

If someone else read your poem and found it relatable, what advice might you give them?

DM: To that person I would say to take a look within, do so by bringing out any thoughts or feelings you have been keeping to yourself. I’ve found that a lot of times it is difficult to grasp a clear concept of self when my inner space is crowded with lingering thoughts and feelings. 

Do you think you’ll continue writing poetry?

DM: Definitely. I have never been the type to write down my own thoughts, but I have had some practice articulating my thoughts because it is therapeutic for me. 


When I first went to Albert Alvarez’s studio he quietly showed me his portfolio. What occurred after that can probably be described as my brush with Stendhal syndrome, a psychosomatic illness that causes rapid heartbeat, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations in people who are exposed to extraordinary artistic achievement. His work from large paintings to small black and white sketches, captures Albert’s violent yet sublime take on history and humanity’s role within the world.

Image Credits: Albert Alvarez, Dead Skin Mask, 2012, ink on paper, 7.5 x 5.5"


San Antonio artist Mark Aguilar is a featured ChingoZine 2 contributor. His color portraiture and visual narratives embody Mark’s natural, charismatic ability of storytelling. Ask him about his recent run-in with a scorpion in his pants for an example. He recently completed a mural for San Antonio’s Chalk It Up!, a chalk mural festival, and is continually on the prowl for his next batch of vaudevillian tales.