Last week while I was imaging M31 i took my 6D out to the marshes with the Samyang 24mm. Took a jobby tripod and luckily found some old fence posts to wrap it onto! The bright glow is Bradwell Power Station which is a nuclear facility that is being decommissioned - In 2083 it will be safe!

Milky Way and Mars - Tenerife

Even with that light pollution you can take cool pictures of the Milky Way in Tenerife. This image has been tracked for 120 secs which is why the trees a little bit blurred. But we have the galactic core, Saturn, Mars and Antares all in the same shot

Starry night skies over California hills.

Went out for a late night drive with Vee to catch the meteor shower. I didn’t see any meteors, but I managed to catch this night shot. The illumination of the lower clouds by the lights of the city contrast nicely with the stars above.

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Ultra-wide San Francisco moonrise

This one was taken the same day as these other two shots of mine, about an hour after the latter.

I wanted to capture both the moonrise and the heavy lighting of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the contrasting shades of blue and red those elements bestowed upon the scene. The 14mm made it easy, but not without distortion - I had to line the shot up very carefully in order to get the architecture to look good.

Still, the lens is amazing, and I can’t complain. With a lens this sharp, you can afford to correct distortion later without ruining micro-details.

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Milky Trees

On my recent travels to Tenerife i took this shot which I didnt think i could rescue because of the car lights that lit up the scene. Some lightroom magic and ive managed to get something quite cool out of it.