“The Cerise Lady.” The final fusion of The Boss, Bayonetta and Samus Aran.

Check out the video of the design’s process here. Also, a playlist of the other videos from this whole series!

Considering the video covers two hours of commentary as I drew this (the whole image taking 10 hours to finish), it’s sufficient to say if you want in-depth explanations, just watch that. I explain the name at the end of this one’s video, but it’s as close to a combo of all three original’s various names, nicknames and personalities while also staying true enough to the resulting final character to be her own name / title.

The short end of it is that I took the three original characters, fused them together two at a time and then took those three fusions and fused them together to make a new character. Why not just fuse the original three? you may wonder. Fun, for one. Second, working with the fusions gives you more lead in creating a new character, since you end up with more details to choose from and less of a reason to retain major elements from the originals.

One of the biggest problems with fusions is getting them to look natural to whatever universe they would hypothetically live in. It’s easy to just shove designs together, but they just end up looking like Frankenstein monsters, if you’re not careful. I think all the fusions ended up looking all right, in that respect. I think the only thing I would have changed about Cherise here is making her gun hand held rather than an arm cannon, although that may have cost me more Samus than it was worth. The arm cannon doesn’t really look consistent with the rest of her design to me, although it’s not bad.

Like all of my designs, of course, I hate it enough to want to fix it, but enjoy the final result enough to be lazy enough never to bother. Ahh, it’s good to be poor. I think my favorite out of the whole series was The Baron, although she got the least attention. Probably the lack of curves and cleavage. Don’t worry, Cerise has chest lines to spare. Also, I like purple and cherry reds mixed together. Fabulous.

The whole series was long and arduous, but the long road ended just over two magnificent hills. I can only pray the over sexualization of three beloved gaming characters demeans us all.

“The Baron.” A combination of Samus Aran from the Metroid series and The Boss from Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater.

A video-commentary of this image being made:

I thought myself rather clever when I happened upon the name. Boss + Aran. I held my hands high and proclaimed myself a genius. Then realized I was wasting my life. But that’s a post for another time, yes?

The Boss doesn’t have much to her base design other than the fact that she’s in a white catsuit, with a few thrills and chills here and there. So, when shoving it together with the Chozo Suit, you sort of have to pick one or the other to act as the base. I decided it would be easier to make the suit more modern soldier-like than it would be to try to reduce the whole thing into a catsuit. Otherwise it’d just be Boss’ outfit, except red and orange. I reduced the armor where possible, but I had to avoid getting too crazy.

The color scheme is almost exactly one from the Metroid Prime games, which already had a grayish base as its primary color, which made unifying it with the almost solid white of Boss’s stealth suit much easier.

The whole approach to this one was to make it look sort of like a Riot suit, which is as close to old fashioned armor as you’ll find in most modern arsenals. A white Chozo outfit with a sleaker look would have also been possible, but that would be a rather boring interpretation.

I fucking love those tan strips on the side of her arms. I can’t explain why, but their placement against that nearby orange really enamors me. Also, her gun wouldn’t really be able to move in real life for various reasons. What’s that you say? Not unless we let a lion eat her forearm? What a stupid suggestion. What’s wrong with you?

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