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This reminds me of when he was talking about how he wanted to shoot the Pirelli calender so he could take pictures of boobs. “That would be so fucking hot!” Being a hack is one thing, but also being a creep? That’s too much.

You know, most Hollywood bigshots find, I think (because I can’t speak from personal experience), a place of discreet serenity in which THEY know they can get any girl/boy/whatever they want, EVERYONE knows it, but they don’t have to crow about it all the time, let alone create new tail-streams directly to their penthouse suite.

Ratner, it would seem, has not found that fabled place yet.

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Congratulations on being in the film section! You're one of my essential tumblrs, every time I'm on!

Thanks! And I wish I could come up with another word that means “essential” so that I didn’t have to simply repeat back to you what you said, but that’s what I mean, so…

I guess…


Me, too.