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This reminds me of when he was talking about how he wanted to shoot the Pirelli calender so he could take pictures of boobs. “That would be so fucking hot!” Being a hack is one thing, but also being a creep? That’s too much.

You know, most Hollywood bigshots find, I think (because I can’t speak from personal experience), a place of discreet serenity in which THEY know they can get any girl/boy/whatever they want, EVERYONE knows it, but they don’t have to crow about it all the time, let alone create new tail-streams directly to their penthouse suite.

Ratner, it would seem, has not found that fabled place yet.

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Congratulations on being in the film section! You're one of my essential tumblrs, every time I'm on!

Thanks! And I wish I could come up with another word that means “essential” so that I didn’t have to simply repeat back to you what you said, but that’s what I mean, so…

I guess…


Me, too.


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~get chrome

samuraifrog answered your question: Are you using Firefox?

Firefox 3 used to crash constantly; corrupted add-on (McAfee Site Advisor, funny enough). So far no problems with 4, tho.

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i had it. it cradhes and staled and actually slowed down everything on my rid of it and now just use safari. never had a problemsince

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get a mac

I am on a Mac, and a rather powerful one at that.

Not crazy about Chrome, but I haven’t used it much. Safari, too, is fine but I just like Firefox better. I like the developer tools you can add onto it and I use them constantly for work.

Certainly an add-on might be the problem. Worth checking.

Thanks, all!

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I never knew Elaine May was trying to remake Men. I saw that in one of my German classes and loved it. She’s one of the few people I’d think could do it justice (and, honestly, possibly improve on it).

There was a bit in the script in which the cuckolded husband is meeting his wife’s lover’s artsy friends, one of whom sculpts furniture out of latex and then gives them ostentatious names. An ottoman is “The End of the Empire” and the couch is “White Slab”.

She’s complaining to the husband about how hard her life is and she says, “It’s a struggle every day. Latex doesn’t grow on trees, you know.”

And the husband says, “…actually, I think it does.”

Answers to my VHS-to-DVD update question:

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Casablanca and Fantasia are obvious. There’s a really nice Roger Rabbit DVD. And damn, I still need Field of Dreams.

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fantasia for the sorcerer apprentice Roger rabbit because i love Zemeckis and condor for redford :D

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to me: Dead Poets Society, Fantasia, Green Card and Who Framed Roger Rabbit :)

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The Abyss is a must.

braveatheart answered your question:

forrest gump is an absolute must.

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silverado on acting coach was the cowboy who spit between klines legs

Here’s the original post.

So out of 21 movies, six of you feel I need to go buy at least nine of them. :)

From the top:

  • I know it’s Film Sacrilege to be kind of so-so on Casablanca, but I can’t help it. I haven’t seen it for years and it’s the kind of thing I feel like I’m supposed to own rather than I actually want to own it. I can count the times I’ve watched it on the fingers of one hand.
  • Field of Dreams - I always think I already own this movie and then I’m surprised to see I don’t. That should tell me something.
  • Condor’s got a lame DVD. I want it but it bums me out to spend money on it.
  • Wow, Green Card love above Witness. I’m shocked but pleased. Yeah, I should have had Dead Poets a long time ago.
  • I do love The Abyss. It’s one of those movies I’ll always watch when it’s on TV, regardless of what I’m doing. “God, I hate that bitch.” “Probably shouldn’t have married her, then.” When did Cameron lose his ear for awesome dialogue or did he ever have it?
  • I enjoy Forrest Gump but I’m not sure how many times I really feel like watching it. I never crave it like I do many other things in my little library.
  • LOVE Silverado and I don’t understand why a more robust DVD hasn’t been created when all the principals could still be involved. No ROI I guess.

From that earlier list, Defending Your Life and Midnight Run are my big heartbreaks. Great movies I need to welcome back to my life and they never run on TV.