samurai warriors 4

Things that disconcerts me...

Character 1: It’s a jerk to everyone because it had a tragic past that does not really excuse the negative actions it does against the other characters, especially if they are good. And the only reason the other characters want him around is because he’s experienced enough to be of some help, but in other circumstances, he would never be friends with the other characters.

Fandom (or some people): My precious baby needs to be protected at all costs, should be exempt from all responsibility even when mistreating the other tragic characters that I do not like. Deep down in his heart, he is a pure person because he showed some kindness and emotional attachment for five minutes!

Character 2:  It’s kind to everyone, even if it has a tragic past. It’s always willing to help the other characters, but they rarely thank or return the favor (except if it is close to the main protagonist). Even though this character may be hiding the true feelings, yet it is not rude to others. Always try to help even if it are not the most experienced in the group. In normal circumstances, he would still be friends with everyone.

Fandom(same people): *Simply ignore or treat this character as weak*

I want not to be rude, but everyone has seen it before.