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Just have to compile this because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kojuro and Masamune’s chibis! They’re always so serious! but here Kojuro is winking and Masamune’s smiling (aaaawwwwww). Also, I love the two brawny dorks Yukimura (unabashed joy) and Inuchiyo (bashful joy). 

Sleep Talking (Oda Nobunaga - SLBP - Fluff)

Based off: Nobunaga walks in on you whilst you are sleep talking. This makes him embarrassed but it brings you and him together.
Tagging: @minnimay17 @kitty-kat-ty @sugoileo and @honeybeelily
Word count: 735
A/N: Save my soul for this Nobu may be a little out of character.
For all of your charms (or lack of) and for all the times you had annoyed him that week, he found himself thinking of you. He had returned from an ambush, blood on his armour, brows knitted. His wounds had scabbed over during the journey home and, boy, wasn’t he happy with that? He didn’t want to get you covered in his blood let alone the blood of his cursed enemies.

He wanted you to remain clean, to remain pure and untainted from his heart. But he wanted you to be with him, he wanted you to stay with him even more than he wanted you in his bed, ready for him to ravage you. No… There was something else. Something…far more important. Your heart. His heart. He wanted them together, bonded, tied. He just wanted them together. Should you die, he would die. Should he die, you would die. That way, you would always be together, no matter what life you led.

But, what if you didn’t want that? What if you didn’t want him? What if you already had someone? What if he walked in and you were having sex with his right hand man? What if you were with anyone that wasn’t him, even if it was just a peasant? That would be the ultimate betrayal. The only one to tear him into pieces, rip him apart. The only love his heart would have felt…would have been for nothing…even his dreams of pure peace would be over, shredded, burnt to ash…

He saw no point in hope, if there was no you. For you were his world. Nothing more. Nothing less.

His brows furrowed further at his thoughts. He would respect your choice even if it meant thatat he would return to the Nobunaga everyone feared, even it meant being that man but one hundred times worse… Even if it meant being alone.

That thought alone terrified him.

He couldn’t be him without you. You had made him see who he was, how he seemed to others. And, although he still acted the same and felt the same, he knew that she saw someone else. He knew that she saw someone who was trying their hardest to be a better man.

It wasn’t until he stopped in front of your door that he noticed. He was different. His hands were trembling, his body stiff. What if you were naked? He wouldn’t be able to hold back. He’d have to ravage you right then and there.

He shook his head from his thoughts and knocked - yes, knocked - on the door. When there was no answer, he opened the door slowly and poked his head in. It was dark. With a soft smile, he walked in, closing the door behind him, and slowly approached you.

“Don’t leave me, Nobu.”

His face turned a bright crimson. You were sleeping, but you said his name in the only way he let you, it was like you knew he was there. But, not only that, he saw that you were holding his bed robe tightly, face buried in it.
“I won’t leave you, foolish girl.”

He slowly, carefully, started taking his robe, not wanting to wake you. When he finally took it, he realised that he didn’t want to leave you alone. Anyone could walk in and hear what you were saying. He began removing his armour, in favour for his robe.

“Don’t you dare die on me, Nobu.”

He wanted to chuckle when he put on his robe. Your words making him smile. He knelt next to you, smiling softly as he stroked your cheek with a gentle hand. “I won’t die on you. My precious girl.”

And he got into the futon next to you, holding you close to him. Only your next words woke something within him, his cheeks and ears burning.

“My lord Nobunaga, why are you so sexy?”

Your hands were stroking his chest now. The fact that you were having a very naughty dream about him woke the hellish fires within him. And he soon realised that he had the urge to ravage you.

Fortunately, he had woken you when he entered and when you opened your eyes, he kissed you like there was no tomorrow. Your reactions had him making love to you. And there was no way he was letting you go.

“I love you, precious girl.”