This week’s episode in a nutshell 

I’m trying out a different style because I do weird things like that sometimes. While I usually do more of a semi-realism style (not my comics but coloring) I thought it would be fun to do something slightly different and focus more on a messy anime kind of theme. Plus I’ve been wanting to do something kind of like this for awhile now (the whole Japanese kind of theme I guess) which btw, I am NOT an expert on Japanese attire, so if I messed something up forgive me. ^.^


Samurai Patrol.

Stricken Knight.

Thank you to the new followers and for those that stuck around :) A brief update on what I’ve been up to. I’ve been busy with some freelance work (still am), but I’m taking it at my own pace and doing personal work here and there. 

Also an announcement, I’ll be selling art at Otakuthon in Montreal. There will be both fanart of my favorite video games/ anime/ movies as well as personal work. So expect to see new work of mine soon :) I’m still working on opening my shop which will happen sometime after the convention (Been doing some prep work for that ;)) 

Thank you again and sorry for the long wait. I lose track of time easily so don’t mind me.