Okay after my SINFUL fanarts in my previous post

I want to WASH all that desires with this FLUFFY LITTLE HAPPINESS

LORDS with THEIR BABIES at the future setting time!


“Papa, let me tell you a secret!”

“At here, baby?”

“Silly Papa, of course at here. Come closer, please?”


“Why there are a lot of cameras, Daddy?”

“It’s okay, Princess. Just smile and wave your hands.”



“Dada, let me go!”



The lords chatroom to promote the LINE stickers!

*Hideyoshi added the other lords to the group*
*Kenshin changed the group name*

Hide: [sticker] Move out!
Nobu: What’s that?
Akechi: I’ve also bought it
Inu: What’s that!
Koju: It’s our “stickers”
Shingen: That kind of thing exists, huh
Kenshin: [sticker] Uuuuhh
Mitsun: Why’s Hideyoshi there?
Kenshin: [sticker] Ah, I thought you’re a fairy
Mitsun: Oi. Don’t ignore me  
Yuki: [sticker]
Yuki: Amazing!   
Yuki: [sticker] You’re still young
Yuki: Saizo, you’re also in it!  
Yuki: [sticker] Is it?
Yuki: You really should buy it
Saizo: I don’t need it
(apparently this is Saizo’s phone)
Masa: [sticker] Thank you
Yasu: Yes?
Koju: He means thank you for telling about the stickers
Masa: [sticker] Thank you
(Kojuro the Masa-translator LOL)
Mitsun: I found it!
Mitsun: [sticker]  Do your best

I love how Kenshin’s name is so cutesy. Everyone else just has their normal names.

For anyone who plays SLBP and participating in the new Story Event, the stories are emotional ones, with a fair share of sadness in them. The epilogues are supposed to be really good, but I’m still in my first event route so I can’t say. Also, Mitsuhide is breaking my heart!! Man, when he says “we’re through” he really does it up! Now, I’m going to go back to crying on the burnt toast I’m angrily eating. Why is it burnt? Because I was too busy crying over fictional men to pay any attention to it! 

OMG OMG OMG THEY MEET!!! My two changelings! Both of whom MC has mistaken as women (hahahahaha). Thank you Tenkaaaa?

Don’t they make a super pretty picture together? ROFL, bonus points that in this snippet it is revealed that Keiji knows Kanetsugu since way back. Oh the headache Kanetsugu will have by having these two in the same room.

Date Time - Mineral Miracle Muse (Cover)
  • Date Time - Mineral Miracle Muse (Cover)
  • ellenic
  • Cover

You wont believe I can sound like this while having a very deep-toned voice like now due to sore throat;; Erh nope, not like those handsome otome guys, I sound more like a dying whale :)

Listen at your own risk, I randomly recorded this like years ago I think. I found it a while ago when cleaning up my folders. Long ago I dreamed of being a seiyuu / voice actress LOL I know I was very dreamy and yet still– I’m a very shy person when it comes to singing, I can only let my voice out in the shower or around my closest friends/family. So, I kinda bury away that seiyuu dream ; v ; But anyway, rip to this voice until I got fully healed.

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Saizo’s number one fan returns in Yukimura’s Event Story! The Sanada are off to war again…but is it Fuma Kotarou trying to eliminate the competition that will break the Spear of Sanada before he ever goes off to fight?
Will the brothers bound in blood stay strong and save you from the needles of Fuma’s jealousy?!

When Masamune is caught in the middle of a vicious attack…he loses every memory of you?!
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I actually got really angry when Mitsuhide said that and wanted to slap him myself. I get that suicide was a huge thing back then and that it was “honorable”, but really? Who would WANT their loved ones to die instead of coming back to them safely?! And why would you think that your suicide was the best thing for your loved one?!
I actually cried in his Event Story because he was so ready to commit seppuku, and because his almost-final-moments were depressing.