samurai sisters


We made WWII Cap and SSR Peggy Carter QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Free for any star-spangled folks to use.

We accept requests here


Its been a while since I’ve posted some new art, I know.

But, I’m happy to say new stuff IS coming. I just needed a recharge.

In the meantime, new prints are available on my etsy page, including a re-release of the Samurai Sisters, and the “Friday” illo. Check them out at

Also these prints are larger, 13x19 and on thicker, long lasting paper!




she’s our leader: antonio&lauren

you’re cool too! i’ve seen you in action. you? you’re just as good.


So I know that in the games Oldbag gave Edgeworth the Steel Samurai statue, and so technically this is a production error because he shouldn’t have it yet

But I literally do not care because this suggests that in this version Edgeworth is a massive nerd who watches children’s shows and collects their merchandise to display in his professional office, and I like this turn of events very much

Samurai Sisters.

Katrina Katana (middle) is showing her subtle leadership qualities as she begins to get used to the idea of commanding her sisters in combat. Her left hand is on (now blonde) Samurai Sasha and her right is around Bushido Bonita’s.

I’m thinking of changing BB’s name to Bushido Betty, because Bonita implies Hispanic heritage. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bonitas, but these characters are African.

Jury is still out on it though.