samurai saturday


Samurai Jack - XCIV (Promo)

Promo for next week’s Samurai Jack! 

It airs Saturday, March 25th at 11PM EST on Adult Swim!!

Worked on a fair amount of SVI Part 51 this evening in stream. Thanks a bunch to everyone who came to hang out! Here’s a teaser panel for it, and will try to get an update finished tomorrow before the weekend hits, because for me it’ll be Samurai Jack all day Saturday, then I’m running DM on a DnD session Sunday. Gonna be an exciting 72 hours!


Samurai Jack returns on Saturday, but the big question we have is: Why is he still in the future when he had multiple chances to go back? Our host Jacob gets to the bottom of it on this week’s Cartoon Conspiracy!


The secret is OUT! We got Beer, we got crazy new Animation and a brand new Oculus Rift VR experience by No Ghost that will blow your mind! A lot of good people have been working very hard for the last year to make all of this happen. Come to The Laundry E8 near London Fields next Thursday 27th and celebrate Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit with us and get yourself involved in some proper 90’s feels

It’s gonna be a loooong weekend bros. I have a thing from 5-9pm today and then I have work Saturday and Sunday until 6 p.m. The upside is I can at least stay up late to watch Samurai Jack on Saturday since I don’t go to work until later on Sunday. AND OMG I GET PAID TODAY AYYY!! I totally remembered that while typing I suppose this weekend won’t be THAT long. :)