samurai megazord


        “Deep in the mountains, secret ninja academies train our future protectors. Ancient scrolls told of three who would be chosen above the others. Three who would become…"―Narrator

Shane, Tori and Dustin are three students at the Wind Ninja Academy. Their less than stellar performance gets them the occasional lecture from their Sensei. One day, the academy was attacked by Lothor, a banished ninja master who has returned to capture all ninja students. Shane, Tori and Dustin are the only three remaining students, and along with Sensei and his son Cam, retreat into the underground Ninja Ops. There, the three are given morphers, which allow them to transform into Wind Rangers and protect the city of Blue Bay Harbor from Lothor’s forces.

When Lothor demonstrated his ability to make his monsters grow into giants, the Rangers unleashed the Ninja Zords, which could combine into the Storm Megazord and destroy monsters with its arsenal of Power Spheres. Lothor again raised the stakes by sending his new allies to battle the Wind Rangers - the Thunder Rangers Blake and Hunter, who had their own Thunder Zords. The Thunder Rangers were on a mission to destroy the Wind Rangers’ Sensei, who they believed to be responsible for their parent’s death, but a visit from the afterlife from Blake and Hunter’s parents showed them the truth - that it was Lothor who killed them. The Thunder Rangers saw the error of their ways and joined the Wind Rangers in the battle against Lothor, bringing the Thunder and Ninja Zords together to form the Thunderstorm Megazord.

When the Rangers lost their powers, Cam used the Scroll of Time to travel into the past and retrieve the Samurai Amulet, a family heirloom in the possession of his mother. Cam traveled back to present day and used the amulet to become the Green Samurai Ranger, armed with the Samurai Star. A lost scroll would later reveal to Cam the Lightning Riff Blaster, which could summon the Mighty Mammoth Zord.

Lothor attempted to open the Abyss of Evil and release its evil into the world. In a final battle, he stole all of the Rangers’ powers, but was defeated by their ninja skills and thrown into abyss. The powerless Rangers resumed their normal lives, free from the menace of Lothor and his army.


Ninja Storm Ranger Form! Hah!
Thunder Storm Ranger Form! Hah!
Samurai Storm Ranger Form! Hah!
Power of Air…Power of Earth…Power of Water…Power of Thunder…Green Samurai Power!


Leo’s Shelfies:

The Samurai Megazord (or discount Shinken Oh) had me pretty disappointed when I first saw what the Power Rangers version of the Shinkenger’s Origami would be. No folded modes, no hiden disks, and a Dragons that’s more double-armadillo than serpentine creature of myth.
That said, when the Japanese version eventually got an international release, I never quite got around to picking it up.
However, finding this for less than £5 in a discount store was a bargain I could not pass up. Even if it’s not perfect, a Shinken Oh watching over my room from the top shelves is awesome no matter the flaws.


name: samurai megazord

series: saban’s power rangers samurai (bandai)

notes: once again, not too knowledgeable about the sentai/rangers mythos, but a few years back i saw this little guy and just had to get him. surprisingly instead of a lot of different paint apps they opted instead for multiple colored plastics? kinda odd to say the least. the figure looks really nice tho, and for being about an inch tall i think that’s saying a lot.