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AMV Series: Season “0” - Episode 2

For you AMV junkies out there or kind fellows who’ve followed me for said videos, here’s another edit I made (some 1-2 years ago) simply named - Episode 2*. Also ever-so-lazily named was the whole series overall which might (or probably will) change in the near future. So with that out of the way, let me offer some kind of an explanation for all this.

Starting off, I don’t claim to be an amazing or brilliant editor (as much as I’d like to believe) but perhaps an experienced one. And secondly, this whole entire “series” isn’t meant to show off the product of my work (well…maybe a little) but instead serve as a learning experience to better myself at this (so criticism is welcomed).

Next, details about the “series” itself: Why Season “0”?

So basically, for this week and the week after, I’ll be releasing old videos of mine as an effort to buy time- I mean showcase my editing style before releasing new ones; perhaps as to see the similarities or differences from my work 1-2 years ago and now (which I’ve recently picked up again after a long “hiatus”…as you will).

So comprising of three episodes, season “0” will end next week and new episodes will start rolling, which each season being a different anime. Now I’m pretty adamant about the anime I’m using so far, but if you want request for an AMV, feel free to shoot me an ask. Who knows, I might just make one specially for you. So yeah, that’s about it really, oh one more thing, you can expect an upload every Thursday either on Tumblr on my Youtube channel, so don’t miss em’.

Onto to the video featured today though, it has <Nomak>’s |One Soul| track running in the background and I believe it was the first video since my editing style changed (to minimalist perhaps?). Other than that, it’s purely straightforward action and editing so yeah, that’s about it really. 

So remember, if you like what you’re seeing here (or above), feel free to follow me for future uploads - it’ll mean alot to me. At any rate, enjoy!

*Episode 1 would be my Cowboy Bebop upload (you can find it here) some 6 days ago; I’ll probably tweak and organize the front-page soon


Champlōō Style

(not mine, but amazing)


This post was actually written yesterday; or more importantly, this was suppose to be a Tumblr-based upload. But after uploading (and failing) for the 7th time, I decided to resort to my old Youtube upload - apologies for the change in format. At any rate, enjoy!

AMV Series: Season “0” - Episode 3 [Finale]

TheSameStreet! Where Thursdays become Sundays! … *ahem*

Holy crap, I actually found this after digging through my (stupidly large and disorganized) video archive. At any rate, after compressing the file to fit the upload limit of Tumblr, the result is…pretty much above. Was it worth the wait (and delay)? Well that’s for you to decide. So as always, the featured AMV (or the finale to season “0” if you will) is/was one of my favorite creations from a couple of years ago. But unlike the other 2 videos uploaded before, this one was…sort of an experimentation (it was created months prior to the Cowboy Bebop one) and maybe even a milestone. Examples being:

1. (I’m pretty sure) it was the first time I used one of  <Nujabes>’ tracks in my edits 

2. It was the first time I participated in an AMV contest (an inter-group* competition where I placed 4th out of approximately 20 other people)

3. And finally, it was the first time I tried telling a “story” with one of my videos

Now whether or not it was actually a “story” is up for debate; after all, the bulk of said story was contributed by the lengthy description that was written for it (I literally explained the video scene for scene). Anyway like many things in life, my Youtube account did not survive the test of time (it got banned haha), and the description shared the same fate. Anyway to the video itself, I suppose it’s slightly more amateurish compared to the ones shown before (to be fair, it was made earlier) with un-cropped subs, spiffy floating texts, horrible misuse of transitions, effects and whatnot. Though with all that being said, it was a “fan-favorite” amongst my viewers and subscribers alike. So as to wrap this up…enjoy!

So with this up and rolling, I conclude season “0” and announce the humble beginnings of season…you guessed it, 1. So yes, don’t want to give too much away but the series line up so far:

Afro Samurai, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and couple more…

In no particular order (well…the first season is indeed Afro Samurai), the ones mentioned above will definitely be featured on this blog. Each season (comprising of 2+ episodes) will cover multiple points of the anime’s plot so spoilers will be inevitable. If you’re worried about that, you can always watch the series prior to the released date. So really, nothing much has changed about this entire project of sorts; and yes, (despite this week’s blunder) releases will come out weekly on Thursdays… or maybe Friday. If you have any questions or requests (music or animation choice), feel free to shoot me an ask on my blog. At any rate, stay tune!

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