samurai and dinosaurs


Inspired on memime’s depiction of the interactions between Kuni and Aku and her Paladin AU, ‘You are Umasou?’ (which he told me about) and ‘The Good Dinosaur’, though it’s mostly on the first movie. The reason I chose to draw him as a Carnotaurus is because the horns located just above this particular dinosaur’s eyes fit for Aku’s flaming eyebrows. Kuni is an Apatosaurus because of its docile temperament, and inspired on Arlo’s design from the Good Dinosaur too. 

Well, the story is that Aku one day finds an abandoned egg, but as he is about to eat it Kuni hatches from it, and being an oviparous animal she thinks the first thing sees as she hatches is her mother. And to Aku’s bad luck, that’s him. When he can’t get rid of her, he keeps her around as a potential future snack, but soon he grows attached to her and some time later he sees her as his adoptive daughter.

One of the problems are their diets. Aku doesn’t mind getting berries and plants for Kuni, but whenever she asks him why he doesn’t eat he has trouble explaining he doesn’t eat plants, and doesn’t want her to know he eats other dinos. When he is hungry he often tells her to wait someplace far but safe from where his intended meal is grazing.

I couldn’t help it and made other main characters as dinos too! The Nameless Samurai is a Tyrannosaurus because of he is a tyrant, and a technically almost invincible one, while Ash is also a Carnotaurus for obvious reasons. She has two color palettes, the first from her time as a ‘Daughter of Aku’, and the second is her true demonic form. And finally we also have the Scotsman, who is a Triceratops because of its tough but loyal behavior. 


The Usagi Yojimbo Saga: Legends

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The fans voted and they got it! My latest Monster print featuring Glavenus and a hunter toting Tetsucabra Z armor! I’ll be selling this at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 in September.

Monster Hunter Generations arrives in the US next month, and I cannot wait!