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My son loves anything rice and he thinks Blonde Ales are just fine, so a while back we picked these up and he loved them.  Just recently he asked if I would get some for after firewood splitting.  I asked my contact at Great Divide about them as I didn’t see any at the store and found out (much to my son’s horror) that they were discontinued.

Though this is not to my sweet spot it is well done.  I think that it is proof that using rice in beer can be an interesting enhancement, not just a cost reducing adjunct.  In that spirit I thought I would review this one.

Samurai Ale - Great Divide Brewing Company

This pours out a hazy light gold with a tall off white head that left moderate lacing.  It has notes of citrus, pear, sage, soft malts, and a mild floral.  It had a very light mouth feel and a clean crisp finish with a sweet but almost dry bite.  Overall I thought this was a very well done summery session beer.  Really, it is perfect for after working hard in the yard when you want something refreshing.  It has much better flavor and is significantly more subtle then mass produced beer, but you can tell that the rice has lightened the “complexion”. I know my son is sorry it is gone away, and this next summer I will be as well.

American Blonde Ale | 5.10% ABV


Un guerrero samurai fue a ver al maestro Hakuin y le preguntó:

- ¿Existe el infierno? ¿Existe el cielo? ¿Dónde están las puertas que llevan a uno y al otro? ¿Por dónde puedo entrar?

Hakuin le respondió con una pregunta:

- ¿Quién eres?

- Soy un samurai - le respondió el guerrero-, un jefe de samurais. Hasta el emperador mismo me respeta.

Hakuin se rió y contestó:

- ¿Un samurai, tú? Pareces un mendigo.

Sintiendo su orgullo herido, el samurai desenvainó su espada y, ya estaba a punto de matar a Huakin, cuando éste le dijo:

- Ésta es la puerta del infierno.

Inmediatamente el samurai entendió. Puso de nuevo la espada en su cinto, y Huakin dijo:

- Y ésta es la puerta del cielo.