Flamencos aggressively onto the ice

Hey if you liked Yuri On Ice please consider Samurai Flamenco, a show (and fandom) I hold very near and dear to my heart (plus the main characters are Super Cute)

Also I literally drew this so I could shamelessly self plug the Samurai Flamenco charity fanzine I’m running, info can be found here, application deadline is the 15th!

You worry if they notice, so you hesitate holding hands
I steal a glance at the curves of your face, you act shyly in sympathy
Rushing to that bus station, let’s loiter there before going home
If you suddenly said “I love you” now and you meant it
I’ll always be able to say “yes”

Macaroon Days by MMM
マカロンDAYS by ミネラル★ミラクル★ミューズ

This is the song that played in the ending of the finale, while they were walking together.

This song is just perfect for them.


Samurai Flamenco is a roller coaster ride of superheroes struggle, weird looking monster, flight of plot changes from one episode to the next one.It was tiring but nonetheless keep me glued to the end because of, these two ‘baka’.

Their relationship is the only thing that is constant in the show. They are each other touchstone and each other weakness. And in the end, all you need, well, truly-is love (me)