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Samueli: Hei deeni, kahoppa ku taivaalta puttoopi enkeleitä

Deeni: No niinpä tekköö

Crowwie itse helvetin kuningas: Hei orava ja hirvi, kahtokaapa ku Saatana karkas helevetistä.

Samueli&Deeni: No kahoppa niinpä teki.

Castieeli: Hei tyypit kattokaapa vappautettiin pimmeeys 

Samueli&Deeni: Oho huppista.

Castieeli: Pitteeskö meijän tehä tälle jottain?

Samueeli&Deeni: Ei millään ny pysty ku ahistaa ja masentaa liikaa, kyllä joku muu sen sieltä hoitoopi….. ehkä….

Hey guys! So the mun of @coldcredits gave me a great USB controller to use with my Mac emulator, so I thought of a great way to celebrate 200+ followers plus make up for the lack of activity. How would you guys like to come watch me play Super Metroid on Livestream? I’m thinking I wanna do it tomorrow, so I wanna hear who’d be interested in coming.

So, what time tomorrow would be good for you guys?

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Samus is literally canonically trans though it's been confirmed you can't take that away

No? It hasn’t? She is and has always been female? 

Are you talking about a bunch of kids reading the old instruction booklet from the first game saying “he” in it. To throw people off. Because the ending revealing she’s a woman was suppose to be a surprise? 

Vege y su autoestima

PERO SAMUEL!!! que cosas dices!!! si ustedes dos son guapísimos!! son hermosos por dentro y por fuera, créelo tu también porque es verdad!! 

No sé que mas decir… si algún día ves esto Samu, enserio, eres hermosisimo en todos los sentidos, no lo dudes ni un segundo <3 


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Also slightly unrelated but TERFs aren't allowed to enjoy Nintendo anymore Samus, Linkle, Birdetta, and Vivian are all trans and this is literally canon. I bet a lot of you radfems practically fucking worship Samus because female empowerment but guess what she is trans and would not take any of your bullshit if she were real

Yeah it’s like genderists to take a tall, competent, ass-kicking woman and say “lol she must actually be male.” 

Good thing Sakamoto set us all straight by reminding us she’s a woman with Other M! You know that game where female emotions cause every conflict and Samus needs to learn to obey a male authority figure. 

deadcattforcutie replied to your post: Samus is literally canonically trans though it’s…

I read into this and it’s pretty much trans activists hyping up the fact that some guy who worked on the background production of Metroid said in an 1994 interview that she was a ‘shemale’. This is the only shred of evidence that she’s trans. Because one guy said so. Lets just ignore the fact that Nintendo included Samus in their celebration of FEMALE characters. Why is it when there is canonically a strong female character, trans activists will insist they must be a transman?

Genderists really are just like creationists with their quote-mining and misinformation.