The Goddess and the Marine [starter with phazonhuntress]


Zhen was off-duty for once, but was wandering around this planet in her Marine armor.  Eventually, she came across a church for a “Temple of the Glorious Body”.  Zhen never heard of this group before, so she decided to head inside to take a look.

There was a religious congregation, and at the head of it seemed to be a blue woman who looked like Samus Aran if she was an alien race.  Zhen walked over and took a seat, keeping her rifle’s safety on.  She was just content to observe and see what was going on here.  Not like she was particularly religious, after all.

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"Hey Sponty, I've been wanting to ask this for awhile now. Wanna own me as your personal cumbucket?" (Samus)

“I would love to Samus.” Sponty said with a smile on her face as she kissed the girl deeply happy to hear those words from one of her favorite fuck toys no her only favorite fuck toy. The futa bunny’s cock was soon rubbing against Samus’s crotch as the futa bunny started to play with Samus’s tongue

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