Samus Aran ultimate waifu intro? Despues de una semana puedo darlo por terminado, algun dia aprendere a ponerle sonido a las animaciones hahaha #samus #samusaran #metroid #variasuit #zerosuitsamus #art #animation #animacion #digitalart #2d #waifu #animation2d

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Samus pulls the trigger for her arm cannon with her index finger as seen in Prime 3 using the x-ray visor, but there’s a button on the side of the trigger mechanism that she presses with her thumb to use the charge beam. The charge beam requires both her index finger and thumb to fire (as opposed to the out-of-universe player who only needs to use the fire button). This is why she’s able to stop charging without actually firing the shot when she meets the baby in Samus Returns (even though its impossible for the player to do); she lets go of the thumb button without moving her index finger, and so the charge just fizzles out. 

Beam Burst concept art from Samus Returns.💫

Beam Burst is my favorite Aeion Ability of hers! It looks like she’s doing Special Beam Cannon times like 100! And I love it! Piccolo was always one of my favorite DBZ characters and Special Beam Cannon is my favorite move in the series. Then Samus took it and did it a hundred times better and I fangirled really hard when I saw this ability for the first time lol. 😄


Started this a while ago and decided to finally finish it! It was a fun stream piece! Also I have no idea where this idea came from, I’m just going to boil it down to loving me some Nintendo ladies and thinking they deserve more love! <3