BEHIND SEVENTEEN MEMES #15 (Drink Water ! Not Alcohol)

This meme originated from SEVENTEEN’s Pre-Debut Show , 17TV which shows SEVENTEEN’s Pre-Debut Line-Up and their trainee life.

In 2013 June 20th’s 17TV episode , it shows Woozi, Joshua, Vernon and Samuel (A Former PLEDIS Trainee , Currently a soloist under BRAVE ENT.) in a Practice Room for vocals.

Samuel is practicing singing by singing Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything Tonight” and sang the lyrics “Baby, Maybe I should drink a little bit more than I should tonight” (Referring to drinking more alcohol then recommend) and since Samuel was around 10 , Joshua decided to say “Drink Water! Not Alcohol” thus creating the meme “Drink Water Not Alcohol”

Now Days the meme is commonly used by Carats (SEVENTEEN Fan’s) and is quite popular with the k-pop fandom.

CLICK HERE to watch Joshua say Drink Water Not Alcohol!

Samuel Norton - Mercurius Redivivus, 1667.

The diagram shows the Tree of Life with a venomous toad among the roots, while on the top of the tree, among the roses, there is a crown, a symbol of unity. Alongside the circles and triangles, we find triples significant for both alchemy and spiritual transmutation: White - Black - Red, Jupiter - Mars - Venus, Water - Earth - Fire, Spirit - Soul - Body, Heaven - Sun - Male, Earth - Moon - Female. In the square there are Mercury and Anthropos - both of them seeking purification.
It is said that gometrical bodies placed in each other represent a development from Chaos to Perfection (Square - Traingle - Circle).


Dark Water
In the mysterious world of the Nethersphere, plans have been drawn up.Missy is about to come face to face with the Doctor, and an impossible choice is looming.“Death is not an end” promises the sinister organisation known only as 3W – but, as the Doctor and Clara discover, you might wish it was.


Elephants: Up close and personal (Planet Earth Live)