August 18 in Music History

1613 Death of Italian composer Giovanni Maria Artusi in Bologna. 

1745 Birth of composer Vaclav Josef Bartolomej Praupner.

1745 Birth of German bass Ludwig Fischer in Mainz.

1750 Birth of Italian composer and conductor Antonio Salieri.

1769 Birth of composer Alexandre Stievenard.

1785 Birth of German pianist Friedrich Wieck in Saxony.

1838 Birth of Austrian baritone Angelo Neumann in Vienna. 

1842 Death of Portugese composer João Domingos Bomtempo in Lisbon. 

1849 Birth of French composer Benjamin Godard in Paris. 

1856 Birth of American composer Charles Hutchinson Gabriel in Wilton, Iowa. 

1856 Birth of composer Jan Karol Gali.

1857 Birth of Rumanian musicologist Eusebius Mandyczewski. 

1859 Birth of Hungarian tenor Desider Aranyi.

1864 Birth of Italian soprano Gemma Bellincioni at Como, Monza. 

1866 Birth of Swedish soprano Martina Petrini in Falun, Sweden. 

1869 Birth of American tenor Ellison Van Hoose in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

1873 Birth of Austrian tenor Leo Slezak.

1873 Birth of American popular music composer Otto Harbach.

1878 Birth of composer Fritz Brun.

1881 Birth of German composer Hermann Zilcher in Frankfurt-am-Main. 

1882 Birth of composer Marcel Louis Auguste Samuel-Rousseau.

1884 Birth of English conductor Basil Cameron in Reading.

1893 Birth of Canadian conductor and composer Ernest C. Macmillan.

1897 Birth of German bass Adolf Vogel, in Munich. 

1902 Birth of composer Julius Kalas.

1903 Birth of composer Ake Olof Sebastian Udden.

1905 Birth of composer Peter Paul Kreuder.

1906 Gustav Mahler conducts Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro in Salzburg. Mozart Festival included Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte conducted by Richard Strauss.

1907 Birth of American composer Howard Swanson in Atlanta, Georgia.

1907 Birth of Canadian tenor Irwin Dillon, in Toronto. 

1907 Birth of composer Otto Mortensen.

1908 Birth of composer Milan Ristic.

1909 Birth of Polish soprano Miliza Korjus. 

1910 Birth of German-born American composer and organist Herman Berlinski in Leipzig. 

1912 FP of F. Schreker’s opera Der ferne Klang ‘The Distant Sound’, at the Opernhaus in Frankfurt.

1914 Death of Russian pianist and composer Annette Essipoff in Leningrad.

1916 Birth of English pianist Dame Moura Lympany.

1920 Birth of Italian tenor Renato Ercolani, in Perugia. 

1933 Birth of Belgian bass Jules Bastin, in Bridge-Ligneuville. 

1933 Birth of Ukranian soprano Bela Roudenko. 

1937 Death of Georgian composer Heraclius Djabadary in Nice.

1938 FP of B. Britten’s Piano Concerto, composer was soloist, at a Proms Concert conducted by Sir Henry Wood at Royal Albert Hall in London.

1940 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Joy Davidson, in Fort Collins,CO.

1942 Death of Austrian composer Erwin Schulhoff.

1944 Birth of English composer Goff Richards.

1944 Birth of Canadian mezzo-soprano Lyn Vernon.

1946 Birth of American tenor Barry Lee Busse, in Gloversville, NY.

1946 Sir Eugene Goossens conducted FP of John Antill’s ballet suite Corroboree in Sydney, Australia.

1950 Birth of Argentinian composer Carlos Micháns in Buenos Aires.

1956 FP of Henry Brant’s On the Nature of Things for spatially grouped instruments and strings, in Bennington, VT.

1957 Birth of Chinese-born American composer Tan Dun in Hunan, China.

1966 FP of Ulysseys Kay’s Markings dedicated to UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld, at the Meadow Brook Music Festival in Rochester, MI.

1972 Birth of American composer and writer Raymond J. Lustig.

1975 Death of Italian baritone Luigi Borgonovo.

1978 Birth of Russian composer Lev Zhurbin in Moscow.

1981 Death of American composer Robert Russell Bennett in NYC. 

1994 Death of tenor Rodolfo Moraro. 

1994 Death of German bass Gottlob Frick. 

2004 Death of American film music composer Elmer Bernstein.