a handy list of all the times we lost our shit

- “You…are the Alpha”

- that moment when the Director turns around and hIS EYES—

- “Hahaha…that was CLOSE! Nice throw Tucker” *felix’s shit-eating laugh*

- “don’t mind me, I’m just getting in position for this kiss”

- “I’m doing this for me”

- “Eh I guess I’m just feeling kind of…lazy.” “Nice”

- “Oh hey Tuc—“

- “I forget you”

- “Lopez! Todo el mundo está bien? Y Simmons? Cómo está mi amigo maroon?”

- “Well the thing most people forget about it anyways. Is that no matter how many friends you do lose…you can always make more.”

- “I’m Felix, that’s Locus, and we’re the good guys.”

- an entire room of Tex’s threateningly cracking their knuckles in unison “you have no idea what kind of trouble you’re in”

- “Caboose?? Rookie what the hell are you doing up here you’re supposed to be guarding the flag”

- “sincerely yours, the former director of Project Freelancer….Dr. Leonard Church.”


There were too many personal highlights from this episode that I couldn’t help but to draw literally all of them. So pls just,,, take all of this