samuel z arkoff

So yesterday, I started watching a flick called SASQUATCH. Should be promising, right? Lance Henriksen, bigfeets, survival horror. Good ingredients.

I make it thirty minutes in. During that time, there’s a faked POV video plane crash and subsequent eating of a survivor by a bigfeets, a long character intro scene, some Cascades Range footage and a really weaksauce from the shadows bigfeets molesting the camp of our heroes. And it’s BORING.

So today I fire up THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, a Samuel Z. Arkoff production of an Edgar Rice Burroughs book. In the first twenty, count them twenty mintues, the following happens:

Voyage to the arctic, amphibious plane coolness, pterodactyl attacking amphibious plane and forcing it to ground after a machinegun battle, snappy character chat and pranks, a plane crash, discovery of a stegosaurus and related antics, use of a stegosaurus to pull the plane from its crash site, a bowie-knife wielding jungle woman chased by two tyrannosaurus creatures etc. etc. etc.

Movies: be entertaining. Don’t be boring.