samuel harring

Caramel Flan

Street racers!AU

warnings: street magic to the extreme, the series is slowly piecing itself together so the newcomers might get confused, ft. Ha Minho, theft, guns, virus codes, betrayal and secrets because everyone does, confident Samuel  

You stood there on the pavements amidst the downpour and rowdy crowd. As the lights flashed on you, you greeted, “Great day to all over Kingstown, and a great night to experience the things we don’t understand.”

People paused around you as they recognized who you were–the red horse. You flashed them a smile when they started cheering, but you quickly silenced them to speak, “In spite of the heavy rainfall, I want you to pay close attention. But not too close, you’ll only see less of anything.”

“I won’t clear up the skies for you, but we’ll go crazy with the rain like a snap of a finger where it,” you waited before ending, “stops.”

The rain suddenly stopped around you which made the crowd scream and shout in amusement. But the show didn’t end there, you questioned, “What if they turn into diamonds?”

You snapped your fingers before the droplets hit ground in their solid state. You laughed, gesturing towards the clothed water tank behind the people. You raised a finger directing them to look at your next reveal, you said, “Look closely, some things aren’t what they always seem.”

Dragging the fabric away from the glass tank, all of the diamonds were already inside. However, something bothered you, your friend said through the other line, “You need to leave, now.”

You climbed the ladder beside the tank making the people roar, afterwards you finished, “The closer you look, the less you see.”

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