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Ashley Murphy and Samuel Wilson in Contested Space, Dance Theatre of Harlem, April 2014. © Rachel Neville.

Several passages leave vivid after-images, as when Ashley Murphy hovers in profile, her strong feet shimmering like hummingbird wings. As she bends forward or arches toward the sky, she alternates between atonement and elation. Murphy is a marvel: she dances with crystalline clarity, managing to be both expressive and utterly elusive. She gives nothing away.


170818 tbs Double Date - Instagram Live w/ Samuel (DJ Ashley)

Series: Opening Act (Chapter One)

Lights. Camera. Action.
Another Sunday night that I was sitting in my room recording videos. Being a YouTuber is a lot of fun but I’m not like other youtubers, I’m not a beauty guru like most of my friends, I’m a singer and I upload covers hoping to someday go on tour and get signed.

I was currently practicing the words to Little Bit By Skate Maloley one of my all time favorite artists and songs.

I sat down in my studio room and pressed record “Hey guys Peyton Thatcher here, Today I’m going to be doing a cover of Little Bit by Skate Maloley”
I grabbed my headphones and started the music.

I was emerged in the song, passion filling my voice. As the song came to an end I turned the music off “thank you so much for watching, please share, subscribe, like and comment see y'all soon.”

I spent my night editing it and I wasn’t going to bed until it was done. This would be the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning.

-Beep Beep Beep-
I slapped my alarm off and sat up stretching and grabbing my computer at the end of my bed. I edited the video a little bit more and exported the video onto YouTube before I scrolled through social media for a bit responding to some fans and following people before I closed my computer, got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.

I got into the shower, taking time to wash my hair and my body and shave, when I got out I threw my hair in a towel and got dressed.

Blue Denium shorts with a black t-shirt and some black converse, I dried my hair putting into a bun and putting on a little makeup, which consisted of eyeliner and mascara.

I walked back in my room grabbing my phone and my backpack and walked downstairs.
“Mom, I’m leaving for school."I yelled probably into and empty house.
I grabbed my keys off the hanger and walked out the door to my White Nissan and placed my bag in the backseat and got into the drivers seat, I sighed before starting the car and driving off to another day of hell.

I killed the engine once I parked in the parking lot. I grabbed my bag and headed into the building.
You see going to public school and being a YouTuber isn’t much fun. I of course get made fun of a lot, I’m used a lot so people can get a following and I don’t have many real friends.

I walked to my locker, to see my best friend Tessa standing in front of it with a hot chocolate from Starbucks. "You’re a lifesaver” I stated grabbing it from her hands and take a swig of it.
“Careful it-”
“Ow Ow Ow Ow”
“It’s hot” Tessa said laughing

I laughed handing it back to her and opening my locker. I grabbed my first two period class books and closed my locker
“So, Im gonna leave during forth period, you down?”
“Yeah there’s no way I’m staying here all day.”

See school was no fun for me, actually it was pure hell. “Well I gotta head to Physics, see ya” we hugged and parted ways.

My phone kept vibrating and of course I couldn’t look at it, it was unusual for my phone to go off a bunch of times in a matter of seconds but it was and I wanted badly to look at it.
“Ms.Davis can I speak to you for a minute” another teacher spoke from the hallway pulling my teacher out of class.

Luckily I sat it the back but the sound that just escaped my mouth was unhuman.

My phone was moments from freezing but the last notification was a tweet from Nate, not just him tweeting because a direct towards me.

“@SkateMaloley: A bunch of you tweeted me @PeytonThatchers cover of little bit and I can honestly say it’s nothing like I’ve ever heard before. You’re amazing, keep up the amazing work. Maybe we can collab sometime?.

I squealed with excitement causing my classmates to turn and look at me.
"Everything okay, Ms.Thatcher”
“Uh yeah sorry Mrs.Davis” I said sinking in my seat with embarrassment.
As the bell rang, I packed up my things and ran to Andreas class.
“Skate tweeted you”
“He wants to collab” I screeched with excitement.

Tessa and I now had free period. We walked to our class and I sat at my computer, Tessa sitting next to me. I logged onto Twitter and I instantly dmed Nate.

“Hey Nate. I would like to thank you and let you know that I would love to collab with you if you’re ever in New York xx ~Peyton ❤️

Within minutes I got a response. "Hey Peyton, I’ll actually be in New York tomorrow if you want to meet. I’m looking for opening acts for the Skaterade tour. If your interested I’ll contact you with more information.”
“Sounds great. Thank you so much, Nate.”
“Xx have a good day.”

After 5th period, Tessa and I left, “We need to get you something sexy for when you meet your boy”.

We placed our books in the back of my car and headed off towards the mall.

I was in forever 21 shopping around when I found the perfect dress. A short light blue dress with chains (top picture) and a pair of nude heels.

I was currently sitting on my bed, going through a bunch of notifications from earlier in the day. As always there were some really sweet ones and some rude ones when a DM from Nate pop up on my screen.
Skate: Hey Peyton, I know you’re good, I don’t even have to hear you sing, I want you apart of this tour - let me rephrase that, you need to be apart of this tour. Tomorrow I will be at Brooklyn Theater Arts High School. Hope that’s not far out of your way?
Me: Not far at all, about a half hour.
Skate: Great so I will be there from 3-8 tomorrow night.
Me:Ok, see you tomorrow skate 😊

Want Chapter 2?

“White Christmas” – In an effort to have the picture-perfect white Christmas she’s always dreamed of, Gloria rents a cabin in the mountains for the whole family to celebrate the holiday. Unfortunately, when they arrive, there are some unexpected factors like the weather and an eccentric random guest, who is already staying in the cabin. Meanwhile, the family are also preoccupied with their own agendas Mitch and Cam determined to make up for their bad caroling performance from last year. Haley and Andy can’t keep their hands off each other, and Jay has a huge announcement to make that catches Claire off guard, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. 

Guest cast includes Andrea Martin as Fig, Adam DeVine as Andy and Laura Ashley Samuels as Beth.

Haley and Andy can’t keep their hands off each other

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