samuel a. taylor

Romantic Poet movies that haven’t happened yet but should.
  • A trippy Coleridge visual album scored completely in acid rock, in the style of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
  • A beautiful Wordsworth movie in the style of a Rogers and Hammerstein musical + the 1994 version of The Secret Garden.
  • A weird Blake movie that’s half animated in a very experimental but disquieting style and has a good message but makes little kids cry.
  • An indie, anachronistic Shelley movie that’s got a lot of interesting visual effects and shaggy hair and is scored in 1960s protest songs.
  • A ridiculous, huge-budget Lord Byron movie directed by Baz Luhrmann and featuring an almost exclusively hip hop soundtrack. (It’s the only way to do it.)
  • A Keats musical with lots of Amelie-style reality-bending effects and an entire soundtrack by Hozier and/or Sufjan Stevens.

Sofia Boutella sings ‘You can close your eyes’ by James Taylor

Okay but Romantic poets coffeeshop au:

  • The shop is co-owned by Wordsworth and Coleridge. It’s an open secret that Wordsworth’s sister Dorothy is the one actually keeping the place in business.
  • Byron writes his phone number on a customer’s cup at least twenty times a week. He has slept with approximately 67% of the people currently inside the coffeeshop on any given day. The percentage continues to rise.
  • It’s been seven years and no one still has worked out whether or not Wordsworth and Coleridge are sleeping together. Are they a couple? Are they intense platonic friends? Are they literal partners in crime who have robbed multiple banks together? No one knows.
  • Byron asked Wordsworth once and Wordsworth started declaiming the entirety of Paradise Lost in answer. Opinion is still out on if that was a yes.
  • Shelley starts dating the sister of one of the customers Byron slept with after she swings by to collect her forgotten purse and shoes. Her name is Mary and she has just as many opinions as Shelley and everyone thinks they’re great together. Byron definitely isn’t jealous.
  • The ghost of William Blake swoops down from the rafters to shriek in approval every time someone refers to coffee as ‘the Devil’s brew.’ Once enterprising six-year-old Dante Gabriel Rossetti figures this out, it becomes a daily occurrence.
  • The shop is most famous for Coleridge’s pot brownies, which they are legally not licensed to sell but which keep finding their way into customers’ pockets regardless. 
  • John Keats is the new guy who likes to make really intricate latte art and keeps burning himself by spilling hot coffee on his hands and then making it worse by refusing to just drop the cup. Shelley takes him under his wing after they bond over their shared love of Gilmore Girls. Byron definitely isn’t jealous.
  • Keats just has a lot of feelings about Lorelai, okay?