Una sonrisa, una mirada o ambas cosas a la vez, pueden ahorrarte infinidad de palabras.

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Yo sólo quiero abrazarlo.
Sentirlo en mis brazos.
Agradecerle por todo aquello que hizo por mi.
Por los días de lluvia que me sacó el aburrimiento.
Y por los días de Sol que alegró más.
Quiero que vea lo feliz que me hace.
Que sienta que si el está bien, yo estoy bien.
Que pueda transmitirle todo aquello que alguna vez me transmitió.
Simplemente, quiero tenerlo delante y hacer realidad…
Aquel sueño que tanto espero.

Quiero ver su sonrisa.
Sus ojos.
Su cuerpo.
Su cabello.
Sus rasgos.

Quiero sentirlo.

Yo solamente Quiero… Quererlo.

“I know you don’t love me, but please,”

Request from anon: Hey babes ❤ I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Sammy leaves Y/N for Stassie and Y/N gets really heartbroken. You can end it however your little heart desires. I hope you feel better from your heart break 😭 and I hope this helps you❤


“Y/N?” I remember hearing his voice echoing throughout the apartment. I remember walking out the bedroom and into the living room, walking up to him all happy, asking him how the party was last night, and tip toeing to give him a kiss, but he dodges me. I remember feeling confused on why he didn’t want to kiss me or even look at me. I remember so many emotions running through my body of needing to know what was going on. I remember he sat down on the couch, looking up at me with puppy dog eyes. “We need to talk.” Those words in his voice has been haunting me since he’s said it. I remember my heart shattering as I sat down on the couch, even before knowing what he was going to tell me. A million things rushing through my mind. And before I could think of another million, “I want to leave you.” I felt my heart and soul physically leave my body hearing those words come out of his mouth. It was like all of a sudden, everything became slow motion, his voice became deeper and I couldn’t understand anything he said, the room was spinning, my body was frozen. The only thing I remember after he said he was leaving me was, “He never actually loved me.” 

“We need to talk…” I whisper to myself, remembering that day as if it just happened 5 minutes ago. It’s been a week and he said he’s coming to pick up his stuff in a few days. He politely asked me to pack up his things so it can be a quick move. Everyone has offered to help me or even do it for me but I didn’t have the heart of letting anyone touch his belongings or hear anyone trash talk him for what he’s doing. There’s a rumor going around that he’s been seeing Stass but I haven’t seen any hard proof. Maybe he just wants to be single. Maybe he just need time. But he’s never actually loved me and that’s all that matters. 

I finally get started on packing his things. I took out the boxes he’s sent and built them to put stuff in. I started with his clothes. Every piece of clothing I bought him or bought with him or previously owned, in the box. All his shoes and jewelry, inside. His hats, jackets, gone. Bathroom necessities, cologne, lotions, everything that he used and owned, in the box. I debated whether to put the pictures of us he had on his side of the room in the box. I took out the pictures and gave him the frame. All the posters and paintings he loved looking at, bought, smiled at, in the box. Room? Check. 

I went into the computer room and packed all his electronics. All his files. All his things in this room, gone. I moved into the living room and hallway closet. A bunch of our things have just lived together, his became mines, mines became his. Sorting out piles on what he can have and what I should keep. It’s like we wee a married couple. I would have loved to say we were a married couple. We acted like a married couple. I just sighed at myself, still sorting. All my instruments, to his, all my games, all his games, all my bullshit, all his bullshit, separated and put into boxes. I kept the box of our memories with me. Seeing that he’s never loved me and is the one leaving me, I don’t think he would mind if I kept the memories. I put all his books, paper, utensils, everything that belongs to him or I think that belongs to him, I gave. Almost all the boxes were filled, all his things were almost gone. I couldn’t help but stop and think about everything we’ve been through. Everything he’s said. They all became lies. They all became fake. He became a phony. 

I walked around again making sure I didn’t forget anything, seeing the place half empty. Wall plain white, no more creativity, no more positive energy rolling around, no more color, no more other half of me. Refusing to let tears fall knowing I would be defeated by them. I needed to let it go. But how do you let go of someone of 3 years? How do you do that? How am I supposed to be okay with him just leaving me like this. 

The next day, the doorbell rings, as slowly get up from my bed and to the front door. “Hey, Y/N..” Sam runs his fingers through his hair, walking in. “Did you pack everything or just some?” “Everything..” I said quietly. “Didn’t want you to waste anymore time in here with me.” “Yeah, I’ll let the moving people just come up to help me get these out.” He goes on his phone calling them. All of a sudden a body walks into the apartment, “Wow, I’ve never seen this place so dull and empty. You would be the one to decorate this place baby.” Stass says, walking in. I stayed quiet and looked at the ground, “I told you to stay in the car.” “But I wanted to say bye to Y/N. And makes sure there’s no hard feelings between us.” She walks up to me, “No hard feelings right? You’ll find someone who will love you forever. I promise.” She hugs me, grabbing a box, and walking out. Sam just stared at me, as I tried playing off that my heart didn’t just shatter again. “Stass and I,” I held out my hand to stop him, “None of my business.” My voice shaky and quiet. 

“Right. We’ll just grab these boxes and be out of your hair.” He says, pushing all the boxes to the door and a couple guys coming in to take them. “So how are you?” He tries to make small conversation. “Don’t ask if you don’t care.” I tried to say politely but rude at the same time. “Well alright.” He says, looking around the apartment one more time to make sure nothing was forgotten. There were only 2 boxes left when I remembered, I ran to the room and in my closet, taking it out and running into the living room. “Here. I almost forgot.” I hand him his favorite jacket that he gave to me on our first date. He always used to tell me to wear it on our date nights because he loved seeing me in it. Never going to know if that was all a lie or not. “Oh man. I haven’t seen this jacket for a while.” He looks at it as I just force a smile on my face. He looks at the front door as the last boxes were collected and they took off. “Keep it. You looked good in it anyways.” He hands it back to me and I take it, gripping it in my arms. 

“I just want you to know, none of this has anything to do with you. I promise. Did you need or want anything before I leave?” He asks, as I shut my eyes, heart thumping, voice cracking, “I know you don’t love me, but please,” I sighed, “Just lie to me once more.” I heard him inhale and exhale, as he takes a step forward towards me, the feeling of his face 1 inch away from mines, his voice so soft and soothing, breathing, “I love you Y/N.” As he kisses my forehead for the last time. The last time I will ever feel his lips on me again. He takes a step back as my watery eyes open to watch him leave. He puts an envelope on the table, looks at me, backs his way to the front door, taking one last glance at the place we lived together and me, closing the door behind me. I sniffle, tears running down my face as I look around the empty apartment with no boxes and just my stuff occupying my space. Pictures all over the place of us and I don’t have the heart to put them away yet. I walk to the table, putting his sweater down, and picking up the envelope. 

I open it to find a letter, a check, and paper work. I open the letter,

Dear Y/N, 

I lied. I lied when I said I never actually loved you. I lied when I said we needed to talk. I lied when I said I wanted to leave you. But I lied about not telling you. I’ve been seeing Stass behind your back for 3 months now. I am so sorry. That day, I wanted to tell you about my affair and try to work it out but I knew you would leave me and it would break me to hear you say those words to me because you have been such a good woman to me. I know I broke your heart and now you are scarred but please know I am the reason to blame. Please don’t put any blame on yourself. You are so perfect. But I wasn’t. And you need to find someone better. Cause I know I did not deserve someone like you. I never want to say goodbye but I know you are never going to want to see my face again. I love you forever. I loved you then, I love you now, I’ll love you later. Take care of yourself. If you ever need anything, let me or my manager know and it’s done. I promise. You know I never break my promises. And here is how I’m keeping my promises, 

Here is a check because I promised you I’d help you pay for school and everything else. I’m going to make sure you are set for life baby girl. Here is paper work for the house we were going to buy. All paid for. All stocked with furniture and everything. Even paintings and posters and statues and pictures of you and your family and friends. It’s all yours. I promised I’d pay for your dream house. And i got you. For life. If you need anything else, you let me know. Because you still my girl. I just couldn’t be your man anymore knowing i couldn’t be faithful to you. I’m sorry. 

Remember to always be fearless. To do things that make you happy. To do things for you. Live free. And never forget, I love you. I promise you that I do. 

Love always,