reasons we love olex » the natural chemistry between Devon and Lyndsy

The chemistry between Devon and Lyndsy came off on screen instantly and so perfectly. There were moments of sexual tension and there were moments of real struggle and heartache. One of the moments that I felt their chemistry shined the most was in “Bubble.” The scene right after Sam and Alex sleep together, Sam is so desperate to just be with Alex, he begs, “What do I gotta do to prove myself to you?” and she responds with “I don’t want you to prove anything to me!” The delivery of those lines were so raw, among many other moments that showcased the wonderful and rare chemistry between these two.


olex au [part 1/?] ⇾ while on breaks from fighting human trafficking, sam and alex have been living in the safehouse set up in paris. a year and a half has passed since defeating amanda. just as everyone has settled into their new normal, alex gets a call from nikita that amanda has broken out. the first person she goes after is sam…