samual l jackson


Give me 20 seasons.


 updated favorite films 

21. Raging Bull 

22. pulp fiction 

23.  Rashomon 

24 . Se7en 

25. Pan’s labyrinth

26.  Nightcrawler 

27.  Do the right thing 

28. Donnie darko 

29. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

30 . The butterfly Effect 


Taron Egerton is a twenty-five year old Welsh actor who will star opposite Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson in the upcoming spy flick, Kingsmen: The Secret Service.  The movie is directed by Kick-Ass director, Matthew Vaughn.  Taron Egerton plays Eggys, a street smart urban boy recruited by the Kingsmen, an international intelligence agency operating out of a Saville Row tailor shop. 

“Just a simple country boy,” as he puts it. “I’m definitely not that guy in the suit. But I’m no Eggsy, either. I just don’t have that urban edge.” 


Fucking yes. Aaron Taylor Johnson sneakily putting a sexist interviewer, in his place.