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Chozo languages are very complicated, because they can make a huge variety of sounds- much more than humans are capable of making. Zebesian Chozo is one of the easiest Chozo languages to learn, because they simplified it after encountering many other races. Chozo groups who tended to keep to themselves, like the Tallon IV Chozo, had incredibly complicated written and spoken languages. Samus knows Zebesian Chozo but lacks the vocal chords needed to speak in it, so for convenience, her family would (telepathically) speak to her in her native human language. She finds it easier to read and write in Chozo.

so with the announcement of metroid prime 4, I bumped this project up to the top of my to do list. I saw this clip from Rick & Morty on yt a long time back and instantly thought of Samus. and the 2 passengers are filled by 2 fellow Switch smash bros. edited for language b/c that’s how I roll. made within 24- hrs. with anime studio pro. 

Nintendo E3
  • Nintendo: Link, Mario. You two are our best, so you two get to go.
  • Nintendo: Kirby, Yoshi. You two are innocent and sweet and everyone loves you. You two get to go also.
  • Nintendo: Pikachu, get over here we NEED you.
  • Nintendo: Okay I think that's about it!
  • Samus: ...
  • Nintendo: ...
  • Samus: ... ...
  • Nintendo: Okay fine